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Who does Yuto end up with omamori himari?

Who does Yuto end up with omamori himari?

Kuesu Jinguji Kuesu
Kuesu Jinguji Kuesu is his fiancé.

Is omamori himari a romance?

The slapstick romantic comedy starts with an ordinary 16-year-old high school boy named Yūto Amakawa who is protected by a spirit — specifically, a buxom, sword-wielding cat girl spirit named Himari.

Is omamori himari worth watching?

This is a must watch for anyone who loves anime. There is a decent plot, better plot in the manga though, but great action and plenty of fan service.

What kind of anime is omamori himari?

A 12-episode anime adaptation by Zexcs aired in Japan between January and March 2010 on TV Saitama, Chiba TV, and other networks….Omamori Himari.

Genre Action, harem, supernatural
Written by Milan Matra
Published by Fujimi Shobo (Magazine, Vol. 6–12) Kadokawa Shoten (tankōbon, Vol. 1-5)

Is omamori himari on funimation?

Omamori Himari | Watch on Funimation.

How old is himari Uehara?

Himari Uehara
上原 ひまり
Uehara Himari
Age 15-16

What does the name himari mean?

Meaning & History Himari is most commonly spelled as 陽葵, a combination of Japanese 陽 (hi) meaning “sunshine” and 葵 (mari) meaning “hollyhock”. This spelling ranked at #1 for girls in Japan in 2020. It can also be spelled as 向日葵 (himari) meaning “sunflower”. Other kanji combinations are possible. Home » Submitted Names.

Why is omamori himari rated MA?

This anime is rated TV-MA for violence and strong sexual content.

Does Arisa like Kasumi?

However, later on in the story, she develops a huge crush on the vocalist and guitarist of the band, the one she bullies, Kasumi Toyama. She swore to herself that she’ll absolutely do anything to be her one and only lover.

How old is Yukina Minato?

Yukina Minato
Minato Yukina
Age 17
Birthday October 26th

How do you pronounce himari?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Himari. hi-mar-i. Hi-mari.
  2. Meanings for Himari.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. LoveR details sub-characters Ryuusei and Himari, part-time job, and ‘White School Swimsuit’ Photo Sessions. Himari and the H Ordeal.
  4. Translations of Himari. Russian : Химари

Is himari a boy’s name?

The most popular baby names for 2020 were Aoi (蒼) for boys and Himari (陽葵), according to an annual survey by Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co.