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Who does Shin Ichiro Miki voice?

Who does Shin Ichiro Miki voice?

Shinichiro Miki is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Roy Mustang, Fusion Zamasu, and Gyro Zeppeli.

Who voices Junpei Iori?

Vic Mignogna is the English dub voice of Junpei Iori in Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, and Kōsuke Toriumi is the Japanese voice.

Who does Vic Mignogna voice?

He’s known for voicing: Broly in Dragon Ball Z: Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan, Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Ikkaku Madarame in Bleach and Tamaki Suo in Ouran High School Host Club.

Who is Shinichiro kun?

Shinichiro Sano ( 佐野 さの 真一郎 しんいちろう ,, Sano Shin’ichirō?) was the founder and First Generation President of Black Dragon. He was the older brother of Manjiro and Emma Sano and the adoptive older brother of Izana Kurokawa.

Who voices gyro in eyes of heaven?

Shinichiro Miki is the Japanese voice of Gyro Zeppeli in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven.

Is Vic Mignogna in Yuri on ice?

Vic just finished directing the popular series Juni Taisen for Funimation and is currently playing Matt in Digimon, Sabo in One Piece, and characters in Bungo Stray Dogs, Twin Star Exorcists, Free!, Fairy Tail, Star Trek Online, League of Legends, Black Butler, Escaflowne, Durarara, Yuri On Ice, Sailor Moon, World of …

Who voices Roy Mustang?

Travis WillinghamFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Shin-ichiro MikiFullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodTōru ŌkawaFullmetal Alchemist
Roy Mustang/Voiced by

Who is izana to Mikey?

Mikey is Izana Kurokawa’s brother and enemy. Heis also a very strong fighter who is able to knock out most of his opponents with one kick. Izana has vengeful feelings towards Mikey and they then fight each other. Izana will lose to Mikey in their fight and end up losing his life.

Who is izana Tokyo Revengers?

Izana Kurokawa ( 黒川 くろかわ イザナ, Kurokawa Izana?) was Tenjiku’s Boss and the leader of the Eighth Generation Black Dragon. At age 13, he founded the S-62 Generation. He was the adoptive brother of Shinichiro Sano.

Does kisuke voice change?

In 2012, Lindsay retired from voice acting and most of his anime roles were recast to Doug Erholtz.