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Who does Scott Peters represent?

Who does Scott Peters represent?

Scott Harvey Peters (born June 17, 1958) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the U.S. representative from California’s 52nd congressional district since 2013. His district includes both coastal and central portions of San Diego, as well as the suburbs of Poway and Coronado.

Is Scott Peters a Republican or Democrat?

Democratic PartyScott Peters / PartyThe Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. It was founded in 1828 by supporters of Andrew Jackson, making it the world’s oldest active political party. Since the 1860s, its main political rival has been the Republican Party. Wikipedia

Who is my U.S. representative in San Diego?

San Diego Office | Congressman Scott Peters.

Who is my U.S. representative in California?

U.S. Representative Jimmy Gomez Proudly Serving California’s 34th District.

Who represents San Diego County?

The district is currently represented by Democrat Scott Peters. California’s 52nd congressional district since January 3, 2013. The district is currently in San Diego County.

What is Scott Peters district?

Representative (D-CA 52nd District) since 2013Scott Peters / Office

Who represents La Jolla in Congress?

Scott Peters Re-elected in 2018. Re-elected in 2020.

What district is Scott Peters?

Who are the representatives in San Diego?

Where is Jimmy Gomez from?

Riverside, CAJimmy Gomez / Place of birth

Who are California senators and representatives?

Dianne Feinstein (Democratic Party)
Alex Padilla (Democratic Party)

How much do San Diego Board of Supervisors make?

These raises were in excess of $19,000, per year, for each supervisor and, coupled with an increase in judges’ salaries, their total pay increased from $160,033 to $180,037.80 per year.