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Who does Izumo love in Blue Exorcist?

Who does Izumo love in Blue Exorcist?

Miketsu Ukemochi

Izumo Kamiki
Occupation Exorcist Student
Partner(s) Miketsu Ukemochi
Base of Operations True Cross Academy
Exorcist Information

Who is Rin’s girlfriend in Blue Exorcist?

Shiemi Moriyama
Manga Debut Chapter 3
Anime Debut Episode 4
Game Debut Blue Exorcist: The Phantom Labyrinth of Time

Who is Rin’s partner?

Obito Uchiha He was always far too shy to admit his feelings for her, instead trying to impress her with his ninja skills. This was in vain, as his partner Kakashi was always several steps ahead of him which earned Rin’s admiration and also Obito’s resentment.

Does Izumo like Shiemi?

Once the demon was killed, Izumo attends to Shiemi and after she asks Shiemi if she is all right, Izumo confesses that she doesn’t like her but admitted that she helped her out. Shiemi thanks Izumo and even though she told her that she didn’t like her, Shiemi continues to view Izumo as a friend.

Is Rin and Shiemi canon?

Canon. Rin met Shiemi when he was waiting for his younger twin brother, Yukio, to return from his supply run as pages weren’t allowed in the shop that is run by Shiemi’s mother.

Does Yukio love Rin?

Despite Rin’s unconditional love, Yukio degrades him, has even shot him and is just not a good brother. And Yukio has a whole bunch of mental problems to sort out.

Do Haruka and Rin get together?

Throughout the anime, Haru tries to help Rin and find out the real reason she left him. Rin’s inner monologue about him is particularly heart-breaking. The two literally regard one another as home, but suffer a lot before finally ending up together.

Does shiemi like Rin or Yukio?

However, after Yukio left and Rin was nearly killed by his own flame, Shiemi realized that she has been in love with Rin all along.

How old is Rin from Blue Exorcist?

Rin Okumura (奥村 燐, Okumura Rin) is the sixteen-year-old protagonist of the story. He is a son of Satan, born from a human woman and is the inheritor of Satan’s powers.

Why does Izumo consider Rin as a mystery?

When Rin said that he stabbed the second Naberius with his sword, Izumo begins to view Rin as a mystery since is it impossible for a page to defeated a mid-level demon all on his own with only a sword.

Why is Yukio and Izumo being punished together?

As Izumo expresses how she doesn’t want to be placed with the “losers”, Yukio explains that no exorcist fights alone and that is the main reason why the whole class is being punished together, before leaving them to think about their actions and his works.

Is rizumo a ship between Rin and Izumo?

Rizumo is one of the well liked het ships between Rin and Izumo within of the Blue Exorcist fandom, and is commonly rivaled with RinShi, Shizumo and the main femslash ship of the BE/ANE fandom, IzuShie. Along with there being fans who ship Rizumo beside YukiShi.

What does Izumo look like in real life?

Izumo is a young woman of slender figure and petite appearance. She has fair skin with a rosy tint, a round face with fine features, big dark red eyes with cat-like shape and small oval-shaped eyebrows, and long dark purple hair which she usually keeps in a twintails or a ponytail hairstyle.