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Who does Celina end up with in Rebelde?

Who does Celina end up with in Rebelde?

In season three, Celina meets and falls in love with Max, who in turn becomes enamored with her. They consummate their relationship and she becomes pregnant with Max’s child. Villarreal comes back as Celina Ferrer in the 2022 Netflix reboot, as Elite Way School’s new principal.

Who is Jose Lujan’s tutor in RBD?

Gastón Diestro | Villains Wiki | Fandom.

How is Luka Colucci related to Mia?

Mia and Luka are cousins, since the young man is the son of Marcelo, brother of Franco (Juan Ferrara), Mia’s father, a character who had not appeared in the Rebel original. Even in the first episode, Luka mentions how he was at his “aunt’s” wedding, which is what he affectionately calls Mia.

Why did MJ leave Rebelde?

MJ didn’t want to lose the battle of the bands, her failure would lead to her parents taking her back to California, shattering her dreams of becoming a pop musician. Hence, she decided to betray Dixon and her band for her own selfish ambitions.

Who is Esteban’s mom Rebelde?

After the meeting, Esteban confronts Luka. He’s going to tell Celina that Luka was the one who got him beaten up in the rehearsal room unless he reveals what he knows. This is enough for Luka to reveal that Esteban’s mum, Rocio, used to be Luka’s music teacher.

Is Esteban A Colucci?

Estebán is the son of Rocío Esquivel, Salvador Torres, his adoptive father, and Marcelo Colucci, his biological father.

Do Jana and Esteban end up together?

With celebrations in order, the band are back. Esteban and Jana emotionally reunite, but Jana cannot commit to a relationship; she believes that since Esteban found his mother, no one in his life has meaning, and he’s trying to find meaning in her. She isn’t ready for a romantic burden and ends their relationship.

Does MJ and Dixon get together?

In the middle off all this, Dixon and MJ do finally kiss. It’s ben teased for a while in this season, but as they sit together, Dixon reassures her that Jana will come back and everything will be okay.