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Who did the soundtrack for Joseph King of Dreams?

Who did the soundtrack for Joseph King of Dreams?

Danny PelfreyJoseph: King of Dreams / Music composed by

Who did the music for the Joseph?

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
1991 Revivals Logo
Music Andrew Lloyd Webber
Lyrics Tim Rice
Book Tim Rice

Is Joseph King of Dreams a good movie?

A Great Bible story for everyone to enjoy over and over again. Dreamworks has done it again. Joseph is just as triumphant as The Prince of Egypt. The animation is just as spactacular, and it’s accuracy is VERY close.

What is the theme of Joseph King of Dreams?

JOSEPH: KING OF DREAMS focuses clearly on God. God is given the credit, and even the songs witness to him. The theme is that God knows better than we do because it is God who is at work in our history, thus it is His story, not ours. As with THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, there are certain changes made for dramatic purposes.

How old was Joseph in King of Dreams?

30 years old
Joseph was 30 years old when he interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream and 39 when his brother came into Egypt. Joseph’s parents are cousins because Jacob’s uncle is Rachael’s father. Joseph lived to be 110 years old in Egypt.

Is there a sequel to Joseph: King of Dreams?

The Prince of EgyptJoseph: King of Dreams / Sequel

How long did Donny Osmond play Joseph?

From 1992-98, Osmond, 42, toured in the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” performing the role of the biblical hero nearly 2,000 times.

Who wrote the lyrics for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat?

Tim RiceJoseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat / Lyricist

Is Joseph King of Dreams for Kids?

Parents need to know that this movie, based on the Joseph story from the book of Genesis, contains more violence than the typical kids’ animated musical. Joseph’s prophetic dreams show wolves, destruction, beheadings, and birds feeding on human flesh. Joseph’s brothers plot against him, selling him into slavery.

Is Joseph King of Dreams based on the Bible?

But first, a brief synopsis. Joseph: King of Dreams is based on the Bible story found early on in the Old Testament (not the campy Andrew Lloyd Weber musical). Joseph was a spoiled seventeen-year-old boy who was adored by his father, Jacob, and loathed by his brothers.

Is Joseph: King of Dreams for Kids?

Was Joseph a miracle child?

Plot. Joseph is the youngest and most favored of Jacob’s twelve sons, regarded as a “Miracle Child” because his mother Rachel had been thought infertile.