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Who did New Mexico vote for in 2012?

Who did New Mexico vote for in 2012?

President Obama and Vice President Biden carried New Mexico with 52.99% of the vote to Mitt Romney’s 42.84%, a victory margin of 10.15%.

What percent of votes did Gary Johnson get?

Johnson received nearly 4.5 million votes (3.3% of the total vote), which is the most for a third-party presidential candidate since 1996 and the highest national vote share for a Libertarian candidate in history.

Is New Mexico a blue or purple state?

Elected President Bush in 2004 by 5,988 votes. However, the Land of Enchantment has become a reliably blue state since then as Democrats have relied on Hispanic, Native American, and urban voters to deliver victories.

How old is Gary Johnson?

69 years (January 1, 1953)Gary Johnson / Age

What was the result of Mexico’s 2012 election?

96 Senators of the Republic, 3 for each state, elected by plurality for a period of six years, renewable once. 400 Federal Deputies (240 by first-past-the-post and 160 by proportional representation) elected for a period of three years with possibility of reelection.

Who did New Mexico vote for in 2008?

New Mexico was won by the Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, by a 15.13% margin of victory; Obama took 56.91% of the vote while his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain of Arizona, took 41.78%.

Has a Libertarian ever won a state?

In the 2020 election the Libertarians gained a seat in the Wyoming House of Representatives, giving them their first state legislative win since 2000.

What is the best place to live in New Mexico?

The top 10 best places to live:

  • Corrales.
  • Edgewood.
  • Rio Rancho.
  • Los Ranchos de Albuquerque.
  • Ruidoso.
  • Artesia.
  • Santa Fe.
  • Alamogordo.

Is New Mexico a good state to live?

A WalletHub study has compared the states on 52 indicators of livability and has determined that New Mexico ranks 50th as 2021’s best states to live in. The states were compared across five factors including affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety.

How many votes did Gary Johnson get in 2012?

Results. Johnson finished with 1,247,923 votes, which at that time was an all-time Libertarian Party record in terms of raw total. He received 0.99% of the popular vote, which was then the party’s second-best showing ever in vote percentage in a presidential election, behind that of Ed Clark in 1980.