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Who are the Project Runway Season 11 finalists?

Who are the Project Runway Season 11 finalists?

The three finalists for this “game-changing” season were Patricia Michaels, Stanley Hudson, and Michelle Lesniak Franklin who battled it out to the end for the shot at being named this season’s Project Runway winner.

What happened to Michelle from season 11 Project Runway?

Michelle Lesniak, Season 11 The former reality contestant won the show’s first ever teams edition and has since returned to Portland, Oregon, to create “small production and emotive clothing” with her own brand. After winning Project Runway, she told the Hollywood Reporter that she was ready to build a bigger company.

Who is the winner of Project Runway season 12?

Dom StreaterProject Runway – Season 12 / Winner

Who won Project Runway last night?

Shantall Lacayo
(CNN) — A Nicaragua-born designer living in Miami is the winner of the latest season of “Project Runway.” Shantall Lacayo was named the winner of the 19th season of the hit series on Thursday.

Did Justin Leblanc win Project Runway?

In 2014, Alexandria von Bromssen, Kate Pankoke, Justin LeBlanc and Helen Castillo competed in the fourth season of Project Runway All Stars, with Alexandria placing 13th, Kate placing 11th, Justin placing 7th and Helen placing 3rd….Project Runway (season 12)

Project Runway
Season 12
No. of tasks 14
No. of contestants 16
Winner Dom Streater

Who won Project Runway season 13?

Sean KellyProject Runway – Season 13 / Winner
Sean Kelly, Season 13 The New Zealand native showed off his latest looks during New Zealand Fashion Week in 2015 and was nominated for the prestigious honor of Young New Zealander of the Year in 2016. He now designs for men’s apparel brand Hercules New York.

Where is Jeffrey Sebelia now?

Sebelia has tried his hand at designing children’s clothing. In 2010, he was named head designer of the LA-based clothing brand Fluxus, but he eventually left that position to pursue creating a line of children’s clothing called La Miniatura.

Where is Dom Streater now?

The Japanese designer stunned the judges with his minimalist, high-fashion work and was awarded a spread in Marie Claire magazine in 2018. He now designs collections for his eponymous brand, Kentaro Kameyama, and teaches at L.A.’s FCI Fashion School, where he was recently promoted to fashion design chair.

Who won season 15 Project Runway?

Erin RobertsonProject Runway – Season 15 / Winner

Who Won fashion Runway 2021?

Shantall Lacayo wins ‘Project Runway’ season 19.

Where is Justin from Project Runway now?

Post Runway life: In addition to serving on the design school faculty at N.C. State and as faculty adviser for Art2Wear, LeBlanc designs for his eponymous label, Justin LeBlanc Design, at

What happened to Mondo after Project Runway?

After coming out as HIV positive on the show, Guerra has become a spokesperson for two national HIV campaigns — Merck’s Project I Design and Subaru’s Dining Out For Life. Guerra was also the first contestant on the show to come from Denver, Colorado.

Who were the finalists on Season 11 of Project Runway?

– On “Project Runway,” fashion designers compete against each other for a grand prize. – Some past winners, like Christian Siriano and Leanne Marshall, have gone on to create successful brands that have dressed celebrities. – Other winners, like Gretchen Jones, have expanded their careers beyond designing. – Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

What are the best seasons of Project Runway?

Gretchen Jones is named the winner.

  • Tim scolds a team of designers for being manipulated by a fellow contestant.
  • Mondo reveals that he is HIV positive.
  • Who are the past winners of Project Runway?

    The Most Successful Project Runway Stories to Date 1. Christian Siriano. Arguably the most famous and recognizable winner of Project Runway to date, Siriano has definitely… 2. Leanne Marshall. The usually shy and quiet season 5 winner is nothing like her personality when it comes to the… 3.

    Who is the most successful Project Runway contestant?

    Prior to the start of Project Runway Season 16 (premiering August 17), TV Insider would like to shine a spotlight on some of the most dramatic contestants ever to appear on the show. Christian Siriano is arguably the most successful Project Runway alum.