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Who are the members of shohoku?

Who are the members of shohoku?

Shohoku High School

  • Hanamichi Sakuragi.
  • Takenori Akagi.
  • Kiminobu Kogure.
  • Hisashi Mitsui.
  • Ryota Miyagi.
  • Kaede Rukawa.
  • Yasuharu Yasuda.
  • Toki Kuwata.

What is the strongest team in slam dunk?

1. SHOHOKU RULES- Rukawa & Sakuragi FOREVER

  • SHOHOKU RULES- Rukawa & Sakuragi FOREVER. 2 RYONAN. 3 KAINAN. 4 SANNOH. 5 Meihou. Report to Moderator. nya nya!!!
  • Kainan – Maki & Jin ( hmm maybe Kiyota included too..tee hee)
  • Ryonan – Sendoh & Uozumi.
  • Shoyo – Fujima & Hanagata.
  • Sannoh – Sawakita. Report to Moderator.

Who won shohoku vs Sannoh?


Team 1 Team 2 Outcome
Shohoku Ryonan Shohoku Victory
Kainan Takezato Kainan Victory
Shohoku Toyotama Shohoku Victory
Shohoku Sannoh Shohoku Victory

Who is Shinichi Maki based on?

Trivia. Maki’s counterpart is most definitely Magic Johnson as the characteristics and playing style of both are similar. At 2.06m tall, Johnson was bulkier and taller than most Point Guards and was reknowned for his incredible skill at passing.

Who is rukawa crush?

Kaede Rukawa Like all high school girls, Haruko has a huge crush on Rukawa due to his amazing talent as a basketball player.

Who is the next captain of Shohoku?

Shohoku High

Shohoku High School
Prefecture Kanagawa
Team Captain Takenori Akagi
Vice-Captain Kiminobu Kogure
Coach Mitsuyoshi Anzai

Who beat Kainan in Interhigh?

Kainan University Affiliated High School basketball team has won the Kanagawa Inter-High Tournament for 17 years running, and are known as the “Kings of Kanagawa.” However, Kainan lost in the semifinals in the previous National Championship against the defending champion, Sannoh by 30 points.

Who is Shinichi’s girlfriend Parasyte?

Satomi serves as Shinichi Izumi’s main love interest and forms a special relationship with him throughout the story. Although it was awkward at first due to Shinichi’s constant changes and the terrors that were happening around them at the time, their relationship eventually grew to a balanced point.

What team is Ryonan based on?

Trivia. Due to the similarity in jersey colors and weaknesses at the time of release, the team is likely be based on either Orlando Magic (jerseys) or Charlotte Hornets and Utah Jazz (warmup jackets).

Does Ayako like Ryota?

Ayako (彩子) is the manager of the team and object of Ryota Miyagi’s affections. Strong-willed, somewhat tomboyish and good-natured, at first Ayako does not seem to reciprocate Ryota’s feelings for her, which she knows of, and will not until the end of the series.

Who is the crush of Haruko?

Haruko has a huge crush on Kaede Rukawa, but it is implied that Haruko started to have a crush on Hanamichi Sakuragi. It is implied that Haruko finally realized Sakuragi’s love for her after he confessed his love for Basketball to her.