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Who are the final 3 Big Brother contestants?

Who are the final 3 Big Brother contestants?

As a result of Monday’s double eviction, Todd Bridges and Lamar Odom got the boot, leaving Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate and Cynthia Bailey as the Final 3.

Who was the final three on Big Brother 16?


Name Age on entry Result
Derrick Levasseur 30 Winner
Cody Calafiore 23 Runner-up
Victoria Rafaeli 22 Evicted
Caleb Reynolds 26 Evicted

Who won Big Brother in 2014?

Ian Terry
Big Brother 14 (American season)

Big Brother 14
Winner Ian Terry
Runner-up Dan Gheesling
America’s Favorite Houseguest Frank Eudy
Companion shows Big Brother: Live Chat Big Brother: After Dark

Is Christine from Big Brother still married?

Christine and her husband Tim split after the conclusion of her season. Christine attended the premiere of Big Brother 20. Christine became engaged to Daniel Kominek on September 4, 2020. They got married on April 17, 2021.

Who made final 3 on Big Brother?

Basketball star Lamar Odom and actor Todd Bridges were sent packing making this season’s final three: Cynthia Bailey, Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate. On the finale, Todd Bridges won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block.

Who is the top 3 on Big Brother?

Big Brother VIP: Luke Toki crowned as winner in grand finale

  • Luke Toki has won Big Brother VIP. Photo: Channel 7.
  • Big Brother VIP top three contestants Ellie Gonsalves, Luke Toki and Josh Carroll. Photo: Channel 7/Nigel Wright (supplied).
  • Imogen Anthony was sent home in the penultimate episode of Big Brother VIP.

Who has won unanimously on Big Brother?

Season 22: Cody Calafiore On October 28, 2020, Cody Calafiore beat Enzo Palumbo with a 9-0 jury vote. It was only the second time in “BB” history that somebody won unanimously, after Dan Gheesling in Season 10.

What place did Nicole get in bb16?

Nicole Ann Franzel-Arroyo (born June 30, 1992) is an American television personality who was born in Ubly, Michigan. She graduated from college as an ER nurse in 2014. She is best known for her appearance on Big Brother 16 in 2014, winning Big Brother 18 in 2016 and placing third on Big Brother 22: All Stars in 2020.

Did a Black person ever won Big Brother?

Xavier Prather became the first Black person to win a regular season of “Big Brother.” Garnering all nine jury votes, Prather beat Derek Frazier, ending a historic run of the show that in 21 years has never had a Black contestant take home the big prize during the regular season.

Are Nick and Bella still together?

Bella ended their relationship on Twitter while Nick was still in seclusion. “I understand firsthand how being in the BB house can cause houseguests to feel extremely close to each other,” she wrote at the time. “Unfortunately at this time, I can no longer support Nick and his actions.

Did Cody and Jessica stay together?

Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf The Big Brother alum, who had just started dating before winning the Race, married in 2018 and went on to welcome two children.