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Who are the best companions in Dragon Age 2?

Who are the best companions in Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age: The Best Companions From Dragon Age 2, Ranked

  1. 1 Varric Tethras. Varric is the Dragon Age character that almost every fan loves.
  2. 2 Fenris.
  3. 3 Isabela.
  4. 4 Anders.
  5. 5 Aveline Vallen.
  6. 6 Merrill.
  7. 7 Bethany Hawke.
  8. 8 Dog.

How many companions can you have in Dragon Age 2?

There are 10: 6 mandatory, 2 optional, and 2 via DLC/Signature Edition.

Who is the best romance in Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age: The 10 Best Romances From The Franchise, Ranked

  • 3 Fenris.
  • 4 Morrigan.
  • 5 Alistair.
  • 6 Leliana.
  • 7 Cassandra.
  • 8 Iron Bull.
  • 9 Anders.
  • 10 Isabela. Isabela is one of the two female companions that can be romanced in Dragon Age 2, and she might be a controversial pick.

What is the best class in Dragon Age 2?

Best Dragon Age II Class – Mage.

How old is fenris?

She says she’s been a pirate for 10 years in 9:31, meaning she was born in 9:01. This would make her 30 years old. Fenris: There is no solid information to help base an assumption on how old Fenris is. With nothing to go on, I’m guessing he was born anywhere between 8:98-9:04, making him 27-33 years old.

Is Bethany or Carver older?

Bethany Hawke (born 9:11 Dragon) is Hawke’s younger sister and Carver’s fraternal twin.

Why does fenris leave Hawke?

Break Up to Make Up — Fenris breaks up with Hawke following their night together, realizing he needs to work on himself before he should be in a relationship. Three years later they can get back together should Hawke have not moved on with another companion.

Can you romance Aveline in Dragon Age 2?

Although Aveline is not a romance option, she can be flirted with by both a male and female Hawke during The Way It Should Be in Act 1 and The Long Road during Act 2.

Can you sleep with Isabela and still romance Merrill?

This dialogue doesn’t explicitly end the romance with Isabela but does indicate that a romance with her will go no further than sex.

Can you romance Sebastian as a mage?

Even though Sebastian can be romanced, he will never actually sleep with Hawke due to his vow of chastity. Note: Romancing Sebastian does not fulfill either of the romance achievements.