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Who are the actors from Bernie Mac?

Who are the actors from Bernie Mac?

Cast & Crew

  • Bernie Mac. Bernie Mac.
  • Kellita Smith. Wanda Mac.
  • Camille Winbush. Vanessa “Nessa” Tompkins.
  • Jeremy Suarez. Jordan Tompkins.
  • Dee Dee Davis. Bryanna “baby girl” Tompkins.
  • Larry Wilmore. Executive Producer.

Who is the boy from Bernie Mac show?

Jeremy Suarez
Jeremy Suarez was born on July 6, 1990 in Burbank, California, USA.

Who played Kelly on The Bernie Mac Show?

Kelly is one of Bernie’s best friends….

Fourth Portrayed By: Michael Ralph

What is Jordan’s net worth from the Bernie Mac Show?

Jeremy Suarez Net Worth

Net Worth: $700 Thousand
Date of Birth: Jul 6, 1990 (31 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Voice Actor
Nationality: United States of America

Who played Bernie Mac’s nephew?

‘I Had Never Gone Six Months Without a Job’: ‘The Bernie Mac Show’ Star Jeremy Suarez Explains What Happened to His Acting Career. Anyone who has watched “The Bernie Mac Show” remembers Jeremy Suarez, who played Mac’s nephew Jordan Thomkins.

Is Jeremy Suarez Puerto Rican?

Jeremy Suarez Born in Burbank, California the young Cuban actor is best known for playing Bernie Mac’s nephew for five years on The Bernie Mac Show. His first major role was in the movie Jerry Maguire and will be starring in the forthcoming Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.

Who played Monroe on Bernie Mac?

Cedric Yarbrough (born March 20, 1973) is an American actor and comedian who stars in series Reno 911! as Deputy S….Filmography.

Year 2005
Title The Bernie Mac Show
Role Monroe
Notes Episode: Who Gives This Bride

Where is Kellita Smith from?

Chicago, ILKellita Smith / Place of birth

What does Jeremy Suarez do for a living?

Voice actorJeremy Suarez / Profession

Who are the main characters in the Bernie Mac show?

Main Bernard “Bernie” McCullough (Bernie Mac) — The show’s main character who is loosely based upon the late comedian of the same name. Wanda “Baby” McCullough (Kellita Smith) — Bernie’s loving wife, a very intelligent woman who is VP for AT.

Who are the producers of the Bernie Mac show?

Executive Producers: Pete Aronson, Warren Hutcherson. Co-Executive Producers: Bernie Mac, Richard Appel, Teri Schaffer, Michael Benson, Marc Abrams. After five seasons and 104 episodes, Fox announced the cancellation of The Bernie Mac Show .

Where can I watch Bernie Mac’s show?

In addition to being in worldwide syndication, Bernie Mac’s hometown of Chicago airs the series on the city’s independent station The U. The Bernie Mac Show has been on that station since 2005, remaining after Mac’s 2008 death in his honor.

Who is Bernie Bernie Mac’s wife?

Bernie Mac is a world famous stand-up comedian living the good life in his Los Angeles home complete with beautiful wife, Wanda, and a hi-tech SUV. Life was sweet for the Mac-Man.