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Who are Stratasys competitors?

Who are Stratasys competitors?

Stratasys’s top competitors include EOS, Materialise, 3D Systems and Proto Labs. Stratasys is a company that provides applied additive technology solutions for the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, consumer products, and education industries.

Who is the best 3D printing company?

The World’s Largest 3D Printing Companies by Market Cap: 3D Systems & Xometry on Top

  • 1 3D Systems (NASDAQ: DDD)
  • 2 Xometry Inc. ( NASDAQ: XMTR)
  • 3 Stratasys Ltd. ( NASDAQ: SSYS)
  • 4 Protolabs (NASDAQ: PRLB)
  • 5 Velo3D Inc. (
  • 6 Desktop Metal Inc. (
  • 7 Materialise N.V. ADR (NASDAQ: MTLS)
  • 8 Nano Dimension (NASDAQ: NNDM)

What company has the most 3D printing patents?

Manufacturers file the most patents With respect to additive manufacturing, HP filed the most patents in 2020 – 470 to be precise, followed closely by General Electric with 331 patents.

How many employees does 3D have?

3D Systems, headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is a company that engineers, manufactures and sells 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D scanners, and offers a 3D printing service….3D Systems.

Type Public
Number of employees 2,666 (2017)

How many employees does Stratasys have?

Compare SSYS With Other Stocks

Stratasys Annual Number of Employees
2020 1,981
2019 2,268
2018 2,232
2017 2,266

What is the best 3D company to invest in?

Best Value 3D Printing Stocks
Price ($) Market Cap ($B)
Proto Labs Inc. (PRLB) 51.41 1.4
3D Systems Corp. (DDD) 14.61 1.9
Materialise NV (MTLS) 17.56 1.0

What is the future of 3D printing?

Prototyping, which is what 3D printing has been traditionally used for, is expected to grow from $4.4 billion to nearly $10 billion. The largest overall value, however, will likely occur in 3D printing’s other primary use: molds and tooling. They will grow from 2020’s value of $5.2 billion to $21 billion by 2030.

Is 3D printing the future?

Who founded 3D Systems?

Chuck Hull3D Systems / Founder

What does DDD company do?

The company offers 3D printers, such as stereolithography, selective laser sintering, direct metal printing, multi jet printing, color jet printing, and extrusion and SLA based bioprinting that transform digital data input generated by 3D design software, computer aided design (CAD) software, or other 3D design tools …

Who is Stratasys owned by?

Stratasys, Ltd. is an American-Israeli manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems for office-based rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing solutions….Stratasys.

Type Public
Founder S. Scott Crump
Headquarters Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Rehovot, Israel
Key people Dov Ofer (Chairman) Yoav Zeif (CEO)

When was Stratasys founded?

1989, Eden Prairie, MNStratasys / Founded

What companies have been acquired by 3D Systems?

3D Systems has acquired the companies: Volumetric, Additive Works, Allevi, CADMUS CONSULTING What is 3D Systems’s tech stack? The technologies that are used by 3D Systems are: Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Mudbox, Microsoft Project, IBM CICS

Who are the executives of 3D Systems?

3D Systems’s key executives are Jeffrey A. Graves, Charles W. Hull and Menno Ellis. How many employees does 3D Systems have? 3D Systems has 1,995 employees. What is 3D Systems revenue? Latest 3D Systems annual revenue is $557.2 m. What is 3D Systems revenue per employee? Latest 3D Systems revenue per employee is $279.3 k.

What technologies does 3D systems use?

The technologies that are used by 3D Systems are: Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Mudbox, Microsoft Project, IBM CICS Who is 3D Systems’s CEO? Who is 3D Systems’s CFO?

What is 3D systems’s market capitalization?

3D Systems’s current market capitalization is $2.8 b. 3D Systems’s Backlog was reported to be $33.1m in FY, 2017. Jul, 2021 Aug, 2021 Sep, 2021 Oct, 2021 Nov, 2021 Dec, … Jul 11 Jul 25 Aug 08 Aug 22 Sept 05 Sept 19 Oct 03 Oct 17 Oct 31 Nov 14 Nov 28 Dec 12 Dec 26 Nov ’17 Nov ’18 Nov ’19 Nov ’20 Nov ‘… 3D Systems has 74.68k Twitter Followers.