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Which toner is better T14 or T18?

Which toner is better T14 or T18?

When they should be used – T14 should be used when you have unwanted orange/gold, brassy tones in your hair and want an ashy blonde result. T18, on the other hand, is best for when your hair has unwanted yellow tones, and you want a super light ash blonde or a platinum blonde.

What does Wella T14 toner do?

This super strong hair toner will give you light, silvery ash blonde results at home. You will get rid of all the yellow tones in your hair and be left with a beautiful clean blonde. If you’re looking for a cool toned ashy blonde – pick this toner.

What color does your hair have to be to use T14 toner?

Wella T14 is meant to be used on hair that’s been pre-lightened. For the best results, it should be lightened to at least a level 9. So, if your hair is not light enough, you’ll need to opt for a different toner or bleach your hair until it has reached the correct level.

What is the difference between Wella T18 and Wella T14?

The Colors are Different Although they might look similar, the colors of Wella T14 and Wella T18 are different. T14 is a pale ash blonde with violet-blue tones, making it better for hair that still has some orange left in it. T18, on the other hand, is Lightest Ash Blonde with only a violet base.

Does t14 cancel out orange?

Wella T14 has a blue base that cancels out orange brassy tones from bleached hair.

Does t14 turn your hair green?

It won’t turn it green, I’m guessing you got the t14 which is blue based or t18 which is voilet blue based so if anything it will turn greyish but that washes out. you just have to et it on your hair quickly and watch it! you will probably only need to leave it on for 5-15 min! happy blonding!

Does T14 cancel out orange?

Does T14 turn your hair green?

What Wella toner gets rid of orange?

Wella T18 toner is a product made to neutralize yellow or orange tones that end up in your bleached hair. It’s practically a miracle in a bottle, which will give your hair a natural look instead of a processed look.

Is Wella t14 blue or purple?

Wella T14 has a blue base that cancels out orange brassy tones from bleached hair. If you want to remove yellowness from hair you’ll need to use a T18 toner that contains purple pigments.

What Wella toner cancels out green?

If you’re trying to neutralize or tone out a shade, use the one directly opposite on the color wheel! In this case, pink and red tones will tone green. Pink Toning Conditioner is a red-leaning pink designed to take care of green and even teal tints!