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Which team have scored the most own goals in a single match?

Which team have scored the most own goals in a single match?

AS Adema 149–0 SO l’Emyrne was a football match played on 31 October 2002 between two teams in Antananarivo, Madagascar. It holds the world record for the highest scoreline, recognized by The Guinness Book of Records….AS Adema 149–0 SO l’Emyrne.

Event THB Champions League playoff
AS Adema SO l’Emyrne 149 0
Date 31 October 2002

Has any player scored an own goal on purpose?

With 87 minutes played, defender Terry Sealey and goalkeeper Horace Stoute passed the ball back and forth in their own area, before Sealey smashed it into his own net.

What is the highest-scoring international soccer game?

Australia set a world record for the largest victory in an international football match, winning the game 31–0. Australia’s Archie Thompson also broke the record for most goals scored by a player in an international match by scoring 13 goals.

What is the biggest defeat in football history?

Top 5 Biggest defeats in football history:

  • Tahiti 30-0 Cook Islands (1971)
  • Australia 31-0 American Samoa (2001)
  • Dundee Harp 35-0 Aberdeen Rovers (1885)
  • Arbroath 36-0 Bon Accord (1885)
  • A.S Adema 149-0 Stade Olympique L’Emyrne (2002)
  • #1 Laliga, Athletic Bilbao 12-1 FC Barcelona (1931)

Who is the king of own goal?

Richard Dunne – Dunne holds the record for the most sendings-off in the Premier League, tied with Vieira and Big Dunc, and despite leaving the field of play a record amount of times, the former Republic of Ireland international is the Premier League’s king of the own goal.

Who scored 3 own goals in a match?

New Zealand defender Meikayla Moore scored three own goals and was substituted before half-time in a heavy defeat by the United States at the SheBelieves Cup.

Who is the highest own goal scorer?

Premier League + 1. Division » All-time scorers (own goals) » rank 1 – 50

Player Team(s) own goal
Richard Dunne Aston Villa Queens Park Rangers Manchester City 10
Dave Ewing Manchester City 9
Jamie Carragher Liverpool FC 7
Phil Jagielka * Everton FC Sheffield United 7

Who has the most own goals in soccer history?

The most own goals scored in a single match by one individual was recorded by Stan van den Buys, who played his football for Germinal Beerschot in Belgium.

Who scored most own goals?

However, the record for the player who has scored the most number of own goals in a single match goes to Stan van den Buys. Stan managed to score a hat-trick of own goals against his own team during a game between Germinal Beerschot and Anderlecht in Belgium. His team, Germinal Beerschot, ended up losing the game 3–2.

Who has the fastest hat trick in football?

Here is a list of the five fastest hat-tricks in Premier League.

  1. Sadio Mane (Southampton 6-1 Aston Villa – 2015) – 16 minutes.
  2. Dwight Yorke (Manchester United 6-1 Arsenal – 2001) – 22 minutes.
  3. Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City 5-1 Wolves – 2022) – 24 minutes.
  4. Jermaine Pennant (Arsenal 6-1 Southampton – 2003) – 26 minutes.

Who has the highest own goal in football history?

Here let’s have look at the top five players with most own goals in Europe’s top five leagues:

  1. Richard Dunne (Man City) – 10.
  2. Riccardo Ferri (Inter Milan) – 8.
  3. Franco Baresi (AC Milan) – 8.
  4. Francesco Morini (Juventus) – 7.
  5. Jamie Carragher (Liverpool) – 7. Jamie Carragher made a record 737 appearances for Liverpool.