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Which side of Oahu has the best snorkeling?

Which side of Oahu has the best snorkeling?

Hanauma Bay can be found on the southeast coast of Oahu in the East Honolulu neighborhood of Hawaii Kai on Hanauma Bay Road. This is one of the most popular beaches and the best snorkeling locations in Oahu because of the amazing array of aquatic life beneath the surface.

Can you snorkel with sea turtles in Oahu?

Swimming with sea turtles is likely on your “to-do” list if you’re visiting Oahu. While joining a snorkeling tour in Hawaii is a great option to see turtles, it’s also possible to grab your own snorkeling gear and find these friendly creatures without a tour guide!

Can you snorkel for free in Oahu?

You can pay to go on a snorkel tour and see more fish and some more turtles, but for free there is no better snorkeling in Oahu we saw schools of fish, green sea turtles, and pretty awesome coral formations and the water was very calm, no doubt my favorite snorkel spot ( and we tried five or six different ones) on our …

Is there good snorkeling on the North Shore of Oahu?

Oahu’s North Shore is world famous for its perfect surf breaks and unbelievable beaches. But thats not all it has to offer. North Shore snorkeling is world class as well. There are few places on earth where you are more likely to spot a sea turtle than while snorkeling on Oahu’s north shore.

What time is best for snorkeling in Oahu?

Answer: The mornings are the most popular time for the snorkel trips to go because the morning’s are the best time for snorkeling in Hawaii. The ocean is much calmer early in the day because on most days there is no wind in the morning. Our trade winds normally pick up in the afternoon (11AM or after).

Is Turtle Bay a good place to snorkel?

Located on the grounds of Turtle Bay, Kuilima Cove in an ideal place to take the family snorkeling on Oahu’s North Shore. With an enclosed rock barrier creating a placid lagoon, you’ll still be privy to all of the sea life you can take in without having to worry about large swells creating dangerous conditions.

Are there sharks in turtle Canyon Oahu?

All in all, Turtle Canyons is a great scuba dive Here in Hawaii. Again both advanced and beginner dives will love this dive. Be careful, big white tip reef sharks make this area their home. Once cleared to go you will be able to see the exit point as well.

What beach on Oahu has turtles?

Laniakea Beach
Located on Oahu’s North Shore, Laniakea Beach offers such frequent sightings of the Hawaiian green sea turtle that locals simply know it as “Turtle Beach.” This is an amazing spot to see gentle waves usher turtles to the shore for some sunbathing, and it’s considered one of the most reliable turtle-watching spots in …

Can you snorkel in Hawaii without a tour?

There are many snorkeling spots that you DON’T need a snorkeling tour for. What is this? A snorkeling tour in Hawaii isn’t considered absolutely necessary like it may be in some other tropical destinations. Many of the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii you will be able to organize your own snorkeling trip.

Is it safe to snorkel in Oahu?

It’s a fun, beginner-friendly way to experience the underwater world, with only a small learning curve required to enjoy it safely. With 112 miles of beautiful coastline and coral reefs full of tropical fish and sea turtles, you’re never far from a good snorkeling spot on O’ahu.

Are there sharks in Sharks Cove Oahu?

No Sharks, but Lots of Fish. Snorkeling Sharks Cove, on the north shore, is good when the waves are calm. Huge waves break into this bay often in the winter, but during the summer this protected cove can be a delight.

Why is Hanauma Bay the deadliest beach?

Ocean Safety officials say part of the reason why there are so many drownings at Hanauma Bay is because there are so many visitors. “More than 1.5 million visit Hanauma Bay every year,” said Honolulu Emergency Services spokeswoman Shayne Enright. “Thousands of people come to the bay every day.