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Which Oracle ERP table stores information about organization?

Which Oracle ERP table stores information about organization?

The operating unit organization_id is stored in hr_operating_units table.

What is the difference between Org_id and Organization_id Oracle Apps?

org_id is the unique id for the operating unit whereas organization _id is the ID for the Inventory Organization which is under an Operating Unit.

What is multi org structure in Oracle Apps?

Multi-Org Overview Multi-org architecture is an application server-side enhancement that allows multiple operating units and their relationships to be defined within a single installation of Oracle Applications products. This keeps each operating unit’s transaction data separate and secure.

What is Fnd_lookup_values?

FND_LOOKUP_VALUES stores Oracle Application Object Library QuickCode values. Each row includes the QuickCode lookup type, the QuickCode itself, its meaning, and additional description, as well as values that indicate whether this QuickCode is currently valid.

How do I change my org id in SQL Developer?

Set org context in R12

  1. The SQL command to set the ORG _ID prior to running a script is: SQL> exec mo_global. init(‘AR’); exec mo_global. set_policy_context(‘S’,’&org_id’);
  2. Enter the org_id when prompted.

What is operating unit in Oracle R12?

Operating Unit An organization that uses Oracle subledgers, such as Oracle Cash Management, Order Management and Shipping Execution, Oracle Payables, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Receivables, and related products. It may be a sales office, a division, or a department.

What are 4 C’s in Oracle r12?

Note: The 4 C’s is defined as Chart of Accounts, Calendar, Currency, and accounting Convention.

What is Moac in Oracle Apps r12?

Multi-Org Access Control’ (also known as ‘MOAC’ in short form) is an enhanced feature of Release 12. MOAC enables users to access secured data in multiple operating units from a single responsibility.

What is an organization in Oracle?

A set of system-defined attributes that categorize an organization. You set these attributes when you create the organization in the Define Organization window of Oracle Human Resources. The organization classifications that pertain specifically to Oracle Projects are: – Project/Task Owning Organization.

What is a lookup table in Oracle?

Lookup types are list of values. The Value in the list are hard code,but the mechanism is different from the value set of type independent. The Values are stored in FND_LOOKUP_VALUES,while the values of the independent value set are stored in FND_FLEX_VALUES.

Where is lookup in Oracle Apps?

Lookups are lists of values in applications. You define a list of values as a lookup type consisting of a set of lookup codes , each code’s translated meaning, and optionally a tag….Standard, Common, and Set-Enabled Lookups.

Lookup Type Description
Set-enabled Associates a reference data set with the lookup codes.