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Which of the following poems is written by Sir Walter Scott?

Which of the following poems is written by Sir Walter Scott?

Scott became an instant best seller with historical narrative poems like The Lay of the Last Minstrel (1805), followed by The Lady of the Lake (1810), Rokeby (1813), and The Lord of the Isles (1815). He also wrote immensely successful historical novels.

Is Walter Scott a ballad poet?

With the assistance of John Leyden, William Laidlaw and James Hogg, Scott produced the Minstrelsy, expanding it with modern day imitations as well as preserving many now-well-known ballads.

What is Walter Scott’s contribution to the English literature?

His antiquarian interest in his country’s history also contributed to his later career as a novelist. In the early 19th century he published several novels set in historical Scotland, part of the series that came to be known as The Waverley Novels. It is here that Scott’s skill as a social historian is most palpable.

What was Walter de la Mare most famous poem?

Sir Walter de la Mare Poems

  • A Song of Enchantment.
  • Alexander.
  • All That’s Past.
  • Alone.
  • An Epitaph.
  • Arabia.
  • At Ease.
  • Bones.

What according to the poet Sir Walter Scott has more value?

Answer: According to the speaker, the man’s devotion to his nation is of more value than his wealth and power.

What does it mean that he is called Sir Walter Scott?

Sir Walter Scott, in full Sir Walter Scott, 1st Baronet, (born August 15, 1771, Edinburgh, Scotland—died September 21, 1832, Abbotsford, Roxburgh, Scotland), Scottish novelist, poet, historian, and biographer who is often considered both the inventor and the greatest practitioner of the historical novel.

What is Walter Scott known for?

What is the term used to refer to Scott’s novels Why?

The Waverley Novels, a series of more than two dozen historical novels published by Sir Walter Scott between 1814 and 1832.

What did Walter de la Mare write about in his poems?

Walter de la Mare, born on April 25, 1873 in London, is considered one of modern literature’s chief exemplars of the romantic imagination. His complete works form a sustained treatment of romantic themes: dreams, death, rare states of mind and emotion, fantasy worlds of childhood, and the pursuit of the transcendent.

What is the summary of the poem The Listeners?

Summary. ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare describes the actions of a Traveller who knocks on at the door of a seemingly deserted home at night. The poem begins with the speaker designing the Traveller and his horse. They are at the door of a house on which the Traveller is knocking.

What is the meaning of doubly dying in the poem my native land?

By “doubly dying” Sir Walter Scott simply means that the man who has no love for his country will be ignored by his contemporaries and totally forgotten after his death; therefore he will die physically and die in people’s memories, regardless of his social status and wealth (pelf).

What does the poet mean by native land?

In the poem “The Native land”, the poet tries to describe back a piece of native land to an old man. The an old man stands helpless whom the poet meets by the street. The old man is blind, lonely, and very poor. So he asks for a description of his own place of birth that he can not see with his own eyes.