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Which is the best general knowledge app?

Which is the best general knowledge app?

15 best general knowledge apps

  • Wikipedia. Official Website.
  • QuizUp. Official Website.
  • TED. Official Website.
  • Curiosity. Official Website.
  • WolframAlpha. Official Website.
  • Quora. Official Website.
  • General knowledge Trivia Quiz. Official Website.
  • Wikids: Talking Encyclopedia for Curious Kids. Official Website.

What are the 10 top GK questions?

GK Questions

  • Who is the Father of our Nation?
  • Who was the first President of India?
  • Who is known as Father of Indian Constitution?
  • Which is the most sensitive organ in our body?
  • Giddha is the folk dance of?
  • Who was the first Prime Minister of India?
  • Which is the heavier metal of these two?
  • Who invented Computer?

What happened to QuizUp?

After a long run that started in 2013, QuizUp was removed from the App Store on January 20th, 2021. On the next day, the developers announced that the game is being discontinued. Glu Mobile Inc. published a message from the developers, saying that “…on March 22, 2021, we will be discontinuing QuizUp.”

Which is the best website for general knowledge?

GKToday is India’s top website for GK (General Knowledge), General Studies, Current Affairs and Aptitude for UPSC, SSC, Banking / IBPS, IAS, NTSE, CLAT, Railways, NDA, CDS, Judiciary, UPPSC, RPSC, GPSC, MPSC, MPPSC and other states civil services / government job recruitment examinations of India.

Can you give me some GK questions?

GK Questions for Class 3 on India

  • Who is known as the Iron Man of India?
  • Who was the first woman Prime Minister of India?
  • Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?
  • Who was the first woman President of India?
  • What is the National Animal of India?
  • What is the National Bird of India?

How can I play QuizUp online?

The concept is simple: You play a seven-question multiple-choice round of trivia against another player. You have 10 seconds to answer; the quicker you answer each question, the more points you get, with 20 points being the maximum awarded per question.

Is QuizUp available on Android?

QuizUp Is Now Available On Android.

How can I get General knowledge fast?

Ways to Improve General Knowledge

  1. Watching TV. Surely you watch TV for a few hours daily.
  2. Listen to the Radio. Listening to the radio is a habit that is dying fast.
  3. Read Newspapers & Magazines.
  4. General Knowledge Websites.
  5. GK Apps.
  6. General Knowledge Books.
  7. Attend Quiz Contests.
  8. Participate in Quiz Contests.

What are some of the best general knowledge questions?

It will make conversations easier

  • It will help you in getting better grades in school,college and in competitive examinations.
  • It will help in arriving at better decisions in life
  • If you are a parent,keeping yourself updated will help you teach your child to fare better in school
  • It will help you in interactive with people from different community
  • How many questions are in a general knowledge test?

    The General Knowledge test given by your DMV/RMV is 50 questions long and has a time limit of 60 minutes. Take the full length, timed test below to prepare yourself for the challenge. Can’t afford CDL school?

    Can you pass this general knowledge quiz?

    You’ll need to muster your knowledge of history, sports, biology and chemistry in order to pass and get a perfect score. Want to see how you’ll fare? Try your hand at the questions below and check the answers at the bottom of the page to get your score.

    How do you make your own quiz?

    A multiple choice quiz maker for memory retention.

  • Use a quiz builder to give students an engaging learning experience.
  • Collect leads,grow your brand.
  • Build a stronger organizational culture.
  • Create a quiz to make placement a breeze.
  • Quiz friends,not strangers.
  • Have a conversation,not an interrogation.
  • Give them feedback as they go.