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Which is the best film school in India?

Which is the best film school in India?

List of Best Film Schools in India

Name of the Institute Fees (Approx)
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) Kolkata Up to INR 3 Lakh
National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmadabad INR 1.39 LPA to INR 1.47 LPA
Whistling Woods International, Mumbai INR 3.33 Lakhs to INR 20 LPA

How many film institutes are there in India?

Best Film Schools in India
Rank Name of The College Email
1 Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune [email protected] /
2 Satyajit Ray Films and Television Institute, Kolkata Email: [email protected] /
3 National Institute of Design

Which course is best for film industry?

Diploma/ PG Diploma Courses in Film MakingDuration

Course Duration
Diploma in Visual Communication 1 year
PG Diploma in Film and TV Production 1 year
PG Diploma in Creative Documentary 1 year
PG Diploma in Media and Communication 1 year

Which are the best institute for film direction?

Check them out!

  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai.
  • National Institute of Design, Ahemdabad.
  • Digital Academy The Film School, Mumbai.
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida.
  • Zee Institute of Media Arts(ZIMA), Mumbai.
  • Matrikas Film School, Delhi.
  • Adyar Film Institute, Chennai.
  • Mumbai Film Academy, Mumbai.

How do I start a career in filmmaker?

How to become a filmmaker

  1. Complete high school. The majority of filmmakers have a high school diploma, and most go on to earn a college degree.
  2. Finish a bachelor’s degree.
  3. Seek an internship.
  4. Produce a short film.
  5. Develop film related experience.
  6. Build your professional network.

Can I join 12 after FTII?

No , quite simple answer. FTII ask for any bachelor degree to get in , without that you are not eligible to sit in entrance exam even. So if you want to go over there first do complete your bachelor degree and then apply there when you are in last year of your degree.

How can I get film after 12th?

To become a filmmaker candidates need to have a bachelor degree. Students can also pursue Associate Degree in Film Study, BA in Cinema study, BA in Filmmaking, BSc in Digital Filmmaking after their 10+2.

How do you join the film institute?

Eligibility Criteria

  1. 3 Year Post Graduate Diploma Programme. Direction & Screenplay Writing.
  2. 2 Year Post Graduate Diploma Programme. Screen Acting.
  3. 1 Year Post Graduate Certificate Programme. Direction.

How can I start my film industry?

Steps to Going to Film School & Pursuing a Film Career in Cinematography

  1. Gain Experience in High School.
  2. Pursue a Degree in Film or Cinema Studies.
  3. Keep Working on Your Portfolio.
  4. Network in the Industry.
  5. Latest Posts.

Can I be a movie director?

More and more schools are offering bachelor’s and master’s in film directing. Most film directors typically hold a bachelor’s in film or a related field and have several years of work experience. They often begin their film directing career as a film editor, actor, or assistant to an established director.

How can I join film industry?


  1. Use Your Personal Network. Networking and connections are inevitably a big part of the film industry — film is all about teamwork, after all.
  2. Join Online Groups and Forums.
  3. Volunteer.
  4. Make Your Own Films.
  5. Intern.
  6. Reach Out Locally.
  7. Get Experience On Set.
  8. Use Online Job Sites.

Why study film and television at the Film Institute of India?

Many commercially successful and award winning artists have received their degree from the Film and Television Institute of India, including several world renown film directors. One of the primary aims of the post graduate education provided here is directing.

Which is the Best Film School in India?

Operating since 2001 as one of the leading film schools in India, the Mumbai Film Academy is internationally recognized in subjects such as Filmmaking and Direction, Cinematography and Lighting, Film and Video Editing, Sound Design and Recording, Writing, Visual FX, and Acting.

What is the fee structure of film making colleges in India?

Majority of Film Making colleges in India (about 36 percent) are affordable with fee structure less than Rs 1 lakh. Some such colleges include: About 16 percent Film Making colleges in India have fee structure of Rs 1-2 lakh. Some such colleges include: About 23 percent Film Making colleges in India have fee structure of Rs 3-5 lakh.

What is the history of Prabhat Film Institute?

The old Studios of Prabhat are now heritage structures and FTII students continue to work at the world’s oldest functioning film shooting studios. The present-day FTII campus was initially a land bought by the Prabhat Film Company way back in the year 1933.