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Which hosta has the most fragrant flowers?

Which hosta has the most fragrant flowers?

plantaginea ‘Ming Treasure’ (Zilis 1995). These are all quite superb in their vigor and large very fragrant flowers in the late summer months. The fragrant hosta that created the most stir was a double flowered form of Hosta plantaginea.

Which hosta has white flowers?

A sport of Hosta plantaginea, Heaven Scent has light green leaves with wide, gold margins. The 18-inch-tall plants produce fragrant, pure white flowers. Honeybells forms a large plant 18 to 24 inches tall.

How do I identify my hosta plant?

Hostas have smooth or puckered leaves and are never haired. Their surfaces may be matt, shiny or waxy but are usually satiny. Leaf color is usually green, but some hostas may have lighter green, white or yellow stripes or rims. Run your fingers around the edges of the leaves to check the margins.

What is the name of the white hosta?

A perfect addition to any shade garden, the white feather plantain lily is a herbaceous perennial plant primarily grown for its unique foliage and decorative potential….How to Grow White Feather Plantain Lily.

Botanical Name Liliaceae genus
Plant Type Perennial
Mature Size 20 to 24 inches
Sun Exposure Partial, shade

Are hostas scented?

One of the additional perks of some hosta flowers is their fragrance. A carefully placed fragrant hosta can be a wonderfully addition to any garden.

Is Royal Standard hosta fragrant?

Hosta ‘Royal Standard’ was the first hosta to receive a plant patent in 1965. Forms a large mound of shiny green leaves that are slightly wavy. This hybrid gives us gardeners in the north a large fragrant hosta that will consistently perform well.

Is there a hosta identification app?

Focus your device camera at a hosta and the app will tell you its name instantly. Determine a hosta cultivar by device camera. Currently, the app recognizes about 400 hosta cultivars.

What are the different types of hostas?

Hosta sieboldiana
Hosta ‘Undulata’Hosta ventricosaHosta longipesHosta sieboldii
Plantain lilies/Lower classifications

Is there a white hosta?

Many gardeners grow ‘White Feather’ hosta in pots so that they can give it a prominent location in their gardens. Growing this pale beauty in a container also makes it easier to protect it from slugs and rabbits. Leaves are whitest when they emerge in early spring.

What is the prettiest hosta?

19 of the Best Hostas for Gardeners in Zones 3-11

  1. August Moon. A cultivar of H.
  2. Blue Mouse Ears.
  3. Color Festival.
  4. Curly Fries.
  5. Empress Wu.
  6. First Frost.
  7. Fragrant Bouquet.
  8. Francee.

Do variegated hostas flower?

Though mainly known for their attractive foliage, the plants also produce lovely flowers from early summer to early fall in pink, lavender, light blue, or white.

What is a patriot hosta?

‘Patriot’ is a hosta cultivar that features a 12-20″ tall mound of large, variegated, oval, basal leaves (to 7″ long) which have deep green centers and wide irregular white margins. A sport of the long popular H. ‘Francee’. Foliage mound will typically spread to 24-30″ wide.

What plants go with hostas?


  • Baptisia (false or wild indigo)
  • Bellflower (campanula)
  • Bleeding heart.
  • Dianthus (carnation,pinks,sweet William)
  • Geranium.
  • Lysimachia (loosestrife)
  • Pulmonaria (lungwort)
  • What plants compliment hostas?


  • Daffodils
  • Alliums
  • Hyacinths
  • Lavender
  • How and when to plant hostas?

    Add a top layer of mulch. The mulch will help keep the soil moist,prevent weeds from growing,and protect the plants from rodents.

  • Provide the plants with consistent moisture. Soak the soil after you plant the hostas.
  • Prune dead leaves in fall.
  • Prepare the hostas for winter.
  • What is the most fragrant Hosta?

    H. ‘Guacamole’

  • H. ‘Cathedral Windows’
  • H. ‘Stained Glass’