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Which Colour is best in R15?

Which Colour is best in R15?

The gloss paint scheme does lend in a premium feel to the R15 V3. However, the Thunder Grey feels better put together. The matte colour scheme might look a bit uninspiring but it is definitely not a colour scheme that we have seen before on a Yamaha. The grey and red combo do work quite well.

Which Colour is best in R15 v4?

Our Pick: Racing Blue This is because at just Rs 5,000 over the Metallic Red colour, the Racing Blue not only gets you a more premium feel but also unlocks a quickshifter and traction control system, which are segment-first features for a 150cc bike in India.

How many Colours does R15 have?

Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is available in 4 different colours – Dark Night, Thunder Grey, Metallic Red, Racing Blue.

How many Colours are there in R15 V3?

Yamaha YZF R15 V3 is available in 1 colours: Racing Blue.

Which is the best of Colour R15 BS6?

BS6 Yamaha YZF-R15 Version 3.0: Colours To Choose From

  • Racing Blue: The Racing Blue colour variant existed in the BS4-compliant model as well.
  • Thunder Grey: The Thunder Grey colour is essentially a combination of black, grey and red colour schemes.
  • Darknight:

Is R15 V2 still available?

The Yamaha YZF-R15 V2. 0 has been discontinued in India six months after the Yamaha YZF-R15 V3. 0 was introduced, while the first generation R15 S continues to be on sale. Yamaha Motor India has pulled the plug on the YZF-R15 V2.

How many Colours are there in R15 V4?

5 different colours
Yamaha R15 V4 Colors Yamaha R15 V4 is available in 5 different colours – Dark Knight, Metallic Red, Metallic Grey, Racing Blue, WGP 60th Edition.

Does R15 V4 have slipper clutch?

For the first time, the R15 gets traction control, which comes as standard on both variants, R15 V4 and R15M, along with a slipper clutch.

How many types of R15 are there?

It is currently offered in only one variant – V3. 0 which is priced at Rs 1.25 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The third-generation R15 will rival the likes of the Suzuki Gixxer SF.

What is the price of Yamaha R15?

₹ 1.58 Lakh Onward
Yamaha R15 V3.0 Summary

Ex-Showroom Price* From ₹ 1.58 Lakh Onward
Engine Capacity 155.0 CC
Fuel Economy/Mileage 30 Km/l
Gears 6 Speed
Brake Hydraulic Single Disc

What is the price of Yamaha r15?

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