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Which 5 year plan is underway?

Which 5 year plan is underway?

twelfth Five Year Plan
The prime minister serves as the ex-officio chairman and the deputy chairman is appointed through a system of nomination and also from the same rank of the cabinet minister. Currently the twelfth Five Year Plan is underway and which came into motion of the completion of eleventh plan in March 2012.

In which year was Planning Commission abolished?

Planning Commission

Agency overview
Formed 15 March 1950
Dissolved 13 Aug 2014
Superseding agency NITI Aayog
Headquarters Yojana Bhavan, New Delhi

What is the 13th Five Year Plan of India?

The 13th five-year defence plan (2017-22) envisages an allocation of Rs 26,83,924 crore for the armed forces. 1 This includes Rs 13,95,271 crore under the revenue segment and the remainder for defraying the capital expenditure.

When was the first Five Year Plan started in India?

April 1951
INDIA’S FIRST FIVE YEAR PLAN covered the period from April 1951 through March 1956; the Second Five Year Plan covers the period from April 1956 through March 1961. The main objectives of planning in India are, broadly, to double real national income in less than 20 years and to double the per capita income in 25 years.

Which five-year plan is going on in 2021?

5. 12th Five-year plan was the last five-year plan of India. 6. The decades-old five-year plan is now replaced with the new three-year action plan, which will be a part of the seven-year strategy paper and 15-year vision document.

Who prepared 11th five-year plan?

economist Mr. K. Kasturirajan
Explanation: The 11th five plan of India was prepared by the noted economist Mr. K. Kasturirajan. This plan was finally approved by the National Development Council (NDC).

Which has replaced the Planning Commission?

NITI Aayog
The correct answer is NITI Aayog. It was an institution in the Government of India. It formulated five-year plans. It was formed on 15 March 1950.

When did NITI Aayog replace Planning Commission?

1 January 2015
On 1 January 2015, a Cabinet resolution was passed to replace the Planning Commission with the newly formed NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India). Union Government of India announced the formation of NITI Aayog on 1 January 2015.

Which fifth year plan is going on in India?

Economic Planning In India – Five Year Plans

List of Five Year Plans in India [1951-2017]
Five Year Plans Years
Tenth Five year Plan 2002 –2007
Eleventh Five year Plan 2007-2012
Twelfth Five year Plan 2012-2017

Who is the father of five year plan in India?

The first five year plan was introduced by Joseph Stalin in the USSR in 1928. You can read about the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) – A Brief Overview in the given link….Related Links.

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How many 5 year plans are there in India?

twelve Five Year Plans
The first five-year plan in India was launched in 1951 and since then, India has witnessed twelve Five Year Plans. The present government had however discontinued the Five-year plan system and a new mechanism was put into place.

What is the 14th five-year plan?

The “14th Five-Year Plan” period is an important period of opportunity for innovation and leading high-quality development; we must accelerate the building of a digital China, forcefully develop the digital economy, promote the upgrading of the industrial base and the modernization of industry chains, promote the …

What is the history of the Planning Commission?

Authority for creation of the Planning Commission was not derived from the Constitution of India or statute; it is an arm of the Central Government of India . The first Five-Year Plan was launched in 1951, focusing mainly on development of the agricultural sector.

How are the members of the Planning Commission selected?

In a number of cities, the planning program operates under impetus given by a reform political party or a spontaneous recognition by a group of progressive-minded citizens of the urgent need for comprehensive planning action. In such cases, this has been a factor in the selection of members for the planning commission.

How many planning commissioners are women?

Robert Walker*** reported that 12 out of 208 commissioners were women; PLANNING ADVISORY SERVICE’s survey revealed that there are now 16 out of 558. (Although the proportion of women appears to be smaller in 1950, this may merely reflect the differences in sampling and reporting.

What is the work of National Planning Commission?

The Commission makes critical analysis of each step and gives reformative suggestions. Final clearance to planning is given by “National Development Council”. 1st national planning committee was set up in 1938 by Subhash Chandra Bose and chaired by Jawaharlal Nehru