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Where was Levi Celerio born?

Where was Levi Celerio born?

Tondo, PhilippinesLevi Celerio / Place of birth

What is the musical style of Levi Celerio?

He wrote Filipino folk, Christmas, and love songs and some of his songs were used in feature films. Among Original Pilipino Music (OPM) songs he composed are “Ikaw”, “Kahit Konting Pagtingin”, “Saan Ka Man Naroroon? (1968)”. He wrote the lyrics of the Filipino lullaby “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan”.

What can you say about Levi Celerio as an artist?

He was a creative songwriter, with more than 4,000 songs to his acclaim including Filipino folk, Christmas, and love songs that are popular pieces, which many consider to be immortal. Famous for being a lyricist, his songs treasure life; express nationalistic sentiments and complete grand philosophies.

Why is Levi Celerio famous?

During his career, Celerio wrote over 4,000 songs. His unique ability to play music with a leaf earned him international acclaim. Even the Guinness Book of Record called him the “only leaf player in the world.” Besides that, he won the Philippine’s National Artist for Music and Literature Award in 1997.

Where did Levi Celerio study?

University of the Philippines Diliman
Florentino Torres High SchoolVictorino Mapa High School
Levi Celerio/Education

Who is Santiago Suarez?

Where enriching Philippine folk music is concerned, Santiago S. Suarez is second to none. Suarez composed more than 400 pieces of haranas, balitaws, danzas and ballads. Many of his compositions were used as theme songs in movies produced by Premiere Productions in the ’40s and ’50s.

What is the educational background of Levi Celerio?

What are the achievements of Levi Celerio?

Awit Award for Best Traditional Recording
Awit Award for Best Christmas Recording
Levi Celerio/Awards

What are the qualifications of becoming a National Artist?

The criteria for candidates to the National Artist Award is composed of at least five points with two already delineating the weight attached to the title — they should be (1) artists who have distinguished themselves by pioneering in a mode of creative expression or style, thus making an impact on succeeding …

How old is Levi Celerio?

91 years (1910–2002)Levi Celerio / Age at death

Who is Alfredo Buenaventura?

He was formerly organist at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Manila and, among many other honours, received the Republican Cultural Heritage Awards in 1964 and 1972 and the Bonifacio Centennial Awards. The compositions of Alfredo Buenaventura include a number of operas, symphonic poems, vocal works and chamber music.

Who is Leopoldo Silos Jr?

Profile: Leopoldo Silos (born 6 March 1925, Manila, Philippine Islands – died 10 March 2015, Pasig City, Philippines) was a Filipino music composer.