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Where should I place my Montipora?

Where should I place my Montipora?

With your light fixture you can put the montiporas anywhere in your tank and they will grow.

Where do you place Monti caps?

Placement: Mount the Vivid’s Red Cap using IC gel glue, or putty, on an exposed rock or ledge in the aquarium where it will receive direct flow and light. Remember that as it grows and plates out it will create more and more shade below it.

Are Montipora hard to keep?

Montipora corals are considered the easiest of the small polyp stony (SPS) corals to keep. They are considered the best SPS corals for beginners, and keeping SPS corals is very rewarding for experienced reef keepers too.

Do montipora like high flow?

Montipora appreciate strong flow, preferably with some randomness to it.

How much flow does a montipora need?

Target feeding gets the corals fed using less food while keeping your nitrates and phosphates lower. Lighting & Flow Requirements: The Sunset Montipora coral requires moderate to high water flow and moderate to bright lighting (PAR 250-450) to maintain its color.

Do you need to feed montipora coral?

It is proven that corals/SPS need to feed on zooplakton as well as the nutrition they receive through photosynthesis. The size of the food prey has to be small enough to be ingested by the small polyps of SPS.

Will coral attach itself to rock?

Yes it will but it will take a long time. Depends on the coral. Leathers, mushrooms, zoanthids, and lots of other soft corals will attach on their own within days to weeks. LPS corals will attach to rocks on their own…

How do you put coral on the rocks?

How To Glue Coral Frags to Rocks the Right Way

  1. Clean the Area Prior to Placing the Coral. If your corals frequently detach themselves from your live rock, this could be because you forgot to clean the area.
  2. Acquire a Strong Superglue and Epoxy Putty.
  3. Trim Your Frag Plug.
  4. Apply Glue and Putty to the Frag Plug.

Do Montipora like high flow?

How fast does Montipora grow?

Clownfish. With good lighting and parameters it grows pretty quick, one of the faster growing sps species, I had a bit around 2inchs about 4 months ago and it’s probably 5 times that size now and has a few layers forming.

Do Montipora need to be fed?

Montipora and SPS corals in general do not seem like the type of coral that would require feeding. They do not put on dramatic feeding displays like some large polyp stony corals and even under close macro photography they don’t seem to appreciate targeted feeding.