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Where is the punch card in SPY Fox?

Where is the punch card in SPY Fox?

After SPY Fox traps the guards with the help of the Spy Trap, he goes to Kid’s Office finds Kid’s easel. Using the chalk, he finds the punch card is behind a painting and learns the color code combination needed to reveal the safe.

How do you get past the guards in SPY Fox dry cereal?

Punch card

  1. Head to the locker room.
  2. Click on the knob on the left.
  3. Leave the room.
  4. Head to mobile command center.
  5. Pick up the spy nickel and cheese and safe crackers gadgets.
  6. Head back to William’s secret fortress.
  7. Find the door with N.O.G on it.
  8. Use the nickel to trap the guards.

How do you get on the boat in SPY Fox dry cereal?

A Teddy Bear, Fish, Ship Wheel or the cat then when he’s distracted use the Spy Putty on the Invite to copy it then head over to the Boat and use the invite on the Door Weasel.

How do you get the waltz in SPY Fox?

SPY Fox in “Dry Cereal” SPY Fox must secretly take a sheet from the music stand while the conductor isn’t looking. After SPY Fox gets a sheet, he can trade it to Johnny Gecko for some of the latter’s tango music (this will have Johnny play a waltz instead of a tango for the remainder of the story).

How many SPY Fox games are there?

SPY Fox is a fictional spy and the main protagonist in the SPY Fox series. Originating in 1997, Spy Fox has been in a total of five games, three of which are of the Junior Adventure series.

How do you distract the Russian Blue in SPY Fox?

To do this, Fox must obtain a sheet of waltz music form the conductor on the ship and trade it for a sheet of tango music from Johnny Gecko and discreetly slip it onto the conductor’s stand aboard the S.S. Deadweight. Upon hearing the music, Blue is put into a trance and begins to dance with Fox.

How do you copy a SPY Fox invitation?

SPY Fox in “Dry Cereal” SPY Fox must then trick Gilbert into getting something off the shelf for him to buy (all the trinkets there are too high for Gilbert to reach). While Gilbert is distracted, SPY Fox must use the SPY Putty on Gilbert’s invitation in order to create a perfect copy of the invitation.

How do you get tango music on SPY Fox?

SPY Fox in “Dry Cereal” Deadweight’s conductor), Johnny will give him some tango music. SPY Fox must then secretly place this music sheet on the conductor’s music stand while he isn’t looking, which will cause him to play a tango instead of a waltz.

What age is Spy Fox for?

Spy Fox is a software gaming series from Humongous Entertainment starring a fictional anthropomorphic fox of the same name, intended for children 8 and up.

Does Steam have Spyfox?

Spy Fox Complete Pack on Steam.

How do you distract the Russian blue Spy Fox?

How do you distract the Russian Blue in Spy Fox?