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Where is the high limit switch on a Pentair pool heater?

Where is the high limit switch on a Pentair pool heater?

The High Limit Switch is located in the lowermost well of the Manifold Adapter under the Manifold Switch Cover. Mounted below the AGS Switch, it is black to differentiate it from the AGS Switch, which is marked with a red dot.

What does Pentair high limit switch do?

The Pentair® Sta-Rite® High Limit Switch is an important switch in the Max-E-Therm® or MasterTemp® pool heater, and is used to detect when the water temperature has exceeded a safe level (135°F) and immediately opens the heat exchanger outlet when that happens.

How do you test a Pentair high limit switch?

Run the heater until HLS shuts it down. Then check water temperature. If water is something like 80 then HLS is opening prematurely and should be replaced. If HLS is opening around 135 then it is doing it job and you need to look elsewhere for why water is getting so hot.

What does it mean when Pool Heater says fault High Limit?

A hi limit fault is often a water flow problem. Check your filter or clean it. But you did not say what type or model filter you have. Or check your valves for incorrect position.

Why does my Pentair pool heater keep shutting off?

The most common cause of a heater that cycles on and off could be inadequate water flow to a dirty filter or closed valve. (See information on How to Backwash a DE Filter or Clean a Cartridge Filter).

What does a thermal regulator do in a pool heater?

The Thermal Regulator is a thermostatically activated valve that throttles water flow to maintain the Heat Exchanger Outlet temperature above 120°F.

Is Pentair and Sta rite the same company?

STA-RITE. The Sta-Rite brand exists since 1934 and is sold in over 100 countries worldwide. In Europe, Pentair already produces a wide range of Sta-Rite swimming pool pumps and cleaners for its pool division, which have gained a reputation for quality and durability.

What does R14 mean on a Pentair pool heater?

R14 is the firmware release on the heater.

How do I test my pool heater thermostat?

Solution: Make sure your thermostat is set to a higher temperature than your pool water. If increasing the temperature makes the heater turn on, then the thermostat is in good condition. Otherwise, you can use a multimeter to check if the thermostat is receiving power.