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Where is the eastern reflector control terminal password?

Where is the eastern reflector control terminal password?

The password can also be acquired by pickpocketing him or picked up from a desk in his bedroom (also contains a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine). There is also a holodisk containing the password in a room on the upper floor of the same building, in the office area. It is on top of the desk.

How do I activate Archimedes?

ARCHIMEDES can be activated after selecting any of the first four power options from the HELIOS One mainframe terminal (any of them but the “Full Region, Emergency Power Level” option).

How do I activate Archimedes 2?

Characteristics. Before ARCHIMEDES II can be utilized, it must be activated by choosing to divert the power of HELIOS One to it at the end of the That Lucky Old Sun quest. Additionally, 24 hours are required to charge the solar arrays to full power.

Where can I find Ignacio Rivas?

Ignacio Rivas is a Followers of the Apocalypse scientist living at HELIOS One in 2281. He tends to the management of the plant alongside the NCR.

What happens if I arm Archimedes?

Arming ARCHIMEDES will cause him to get angry and leave permanently or become hostile, depending on the Courier’s response to his confrontation.

Is HELIOS One real?

HELIOS One is located in the same geographical area as the real world Nevada Solar One, southwest of Boulder City, Nevada along Highway 95. The facility bears a strong resemblance to the Ivanpah Solar Power Facility located along Interstate 15 near Primm, Nevada.

Did Archimedes death ray work?

Probably. Sadly, the heat ray (if it existed) did not save Archimedes. Roman soldiers eventually breached Syracuse’s walls and – despite orders from Marcus Claudius Marcellus that Archimedes not be harmed – one of the invaders slew him during the sacking of the city.

How do I get the big book of science from Ignacio?

To get the Big Book of Science or other quest rewards from Ignacio Rivas, you must speak to him and make sure not to select “I’m with the NCR” when asked which group you fight for or belong to, nor select “War” when asked if you’re a maker of war or peace. Any other option available will make him trust you.