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Where is the best crappie fishing in Arizona?

Where is the best crappie fishing in Arizona?

Arizona Crappie Fishing Tips.

  • Fabulous Four Crappie Spots. Roosevelt Lake. Apache Lake. Bartlett Lake. Alamo Lake.
  • Honorable Mentions. Lake Pleasant. Patagonia Lake. Canyon Lake. San Carlos Lake.
  • Are there crappie in Arizona?

    Crappie Waters In AZ Crappie abound in desert lakes including Roosevelt lake, Apache Lake, Canyon Lake, Saguaro Lake, San Carlos Lake, Bartlett Lake, Alamo Lake, Lake Pleasant, Horseshoe Lake and many other lakes and streams throughout the state. All Colorado River lakes offer crappie fishing as well.

    What is the largest crappie ever?

    It’s official, Lionel Ferguson’s 5-pound, 7-ounce black crappie is the new IGFA All-Tackle world record! Caught on May 15, 2018 in Richeison Pond, in Loudon County. Ferguson’s monster crappie replaced the previous record of 5 pound which was set back in 2006.

    How big do crappies grow?

    Size & Shape The common length for black crappie is 10.8 inches and the maximum reported length for a black crappie is 19.3 inches.

    What is the best time to catch crappies?

    The best time to fish for crappie is at early dawn and dusk. But during the colder months it can be at the warmest time of day in the afternoon. Crappie generally feed most actively in low light, so this leaves the night as another great time to catch them as well if you have the opportunity.

    What kind of fish are in Roosevelt Lake Arizona?

    Flathead catfish
    Channel catfishLargemouth bassSmallmouth bassBluegill
    Theodore Roosevelt Lake/Fish

    What state has the biggest crappie?

    This California slab is the most recently caught record crappie on our list. Dave Burruss, the owner of Clear Lake Outdoors in Lakeport, California, was fishing on Feb. 17, 2021.

    Where can I find the biggest crappie?

    Top here is Grenada Lake, a shallow, 36,000-acre Corps of Engineers impoundment 82 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee on I-55. It produces more trophy crappie than any other fishery in the country. Big fish are so common the local tourism board has nicknamed the lake “Home of the 3-Pound Crappie.”

    How do you catch a big crappie?

    5 Strategies to Catch Big Early-Season Crappies

    1. Fish Open Water, Too. Cold-water crappies often hold on deep cover and structure, making them difficult to pinpoint.
    2. Toss Giant Jigs.
    3. Try Bass-Size Lures.
    4. Tap the Tailwaters.
    5. Fish the Storms.

    How deep should you fish for crappie?

    Crappie like to spawn in areas of shallow water, usually around 2-to-4 feet deep, with cover such as brush, flooded timber or weeds, and with easy access to deeper water. In areas with murky water and thick cover, I have sometimes found them nearly on the bank.

    How do you catch crappie on Roosevelt Lake AZ?

    Minnows are considered the old standby bait when crappie fishing, using a bobber about two feet above the bait. But most minnow dealers are no longer in business so artificial soft baits are the next best bet. The Berkley two-inch curlytail power grub in pumpkin or chartreuse are extremely effective on Roosevelt Lake.