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Where is Shaker Aamer now?

Where is Shaker Aamer now?

UK resident Shaker Aamer has finally been released after being detained in Guantánamo Bay detention centre without charge or trial for 13 years.

Why was Shaker Aamer in Guantanamo Bay?

According to documents published in the Guantanamo Bay files leak, the US military Joint Task Force Guantanamo believed that Aamer had led a unit of fighters in Afghanistan, including the Battle of Tora Bora, while his family was paid a stipend by Osama bin Laden.

How many detainees are still at Gitmo?

As of April 2, 2022, 37 detainees remain at Guantanamo Bay. This list of Guantánamo prisoners has the known identities of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, but is compiled from various sources and is incomplete.

What is Guantanamo Bay famous for?

At home and around the world, Guantánamo has become a symbol of injustice, abuse, and disregard for the rule of law. Since the prison camp opened in 2002, almost 800 men have passed through its cells. In addition to unlawful detention, many were subjected to torture and other brutal treatment.

Who are Tipton 3?

The Tipton Three is the collective name given to three British citizens from Tipton, England who were held in extrajudicial detention by the United States government for two years in Guantanamo Bay detainment camp in Cuba.

Does Guantánamo Bay have a mcdonalds?

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons….Summary.

Description English: Guantanamo Bay Naval Base has a McDonald’s franchise during the Cuban / Haitian refugee crisis in 1994
Date circa 1994

Who are the 39 prisoners in Guantánamo Bay?

Uthman Abdul al-Rahim Muhammed Uthman. Yemen.

  • Moath Hamza Ahmed al-Alwi. Arsalan, Moaz al-Said.
  • Ridah Bin Saleh al-Yazidi. Tunisia.
  • 309. Muieen A Deen Jamal-A Deen Abd al-Fusal Abd al-Sattar.
  • 569. Zuhail Abdo Anam Said al-Sharabi.
  • 682. Ghassan Abdullah al-Sharbi.
  • 685. Said bin Brahim bin Umran Bakush.
  • 841. Hani Saleh Rashid Abdullah.
  • Who won Rasul v Bush?

    The Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, holds that federal courts have jurisdiction to consider challenges to the legality of the detention of foreign nationals captured abroad in connection with hostilities and held at Guantánamo Bay.

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