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Where is picture tools PowerPoint 2007?

Where is picture tools PowerPoint 2007?

Click the Insert Picture command in the Illustrations group. The Insert Picture dialog box will appear.

Where is the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2007?

By default, the Quick Access Toolbar is located in the upper-left corner of PowerPoint, to the right of the round Microsoft Office button.

Where is the Format option in PowerPoint 2007?

Located in your workspace on the right side of the screen, it provides easy access to formatting tools when designing slides. The Formatting Palette should automatically appear on the right side of your screen when you open PowerPoint. If it is not visible, you can access it easily.

What Ribbon tab would you use to access the crop tool?

On the Ribbon, select the Picture tab. , then select Crop.

What is the use of image formatting in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint offers several options for changing the way images appear in your slide show. For example, you can add a frame, make image corrections, change the image’s color or brightness, and even add some stylish artistic effects. These options are located in the Adjust and Picture Styles groups on the Format tab.

How do I insert a picture in PowerPoint 2007?

Adding Images: Other Electronic Images

  1. Move to the appropriate slide.
  2. From the Insert menu, select Picture… The Choose a Picture dialog box appears.
  3. Navigate to and select the image you want to add to your slide.
  4. Click Insert. The image is inserted in the slide and the Formatting Palette opens.

How do I save a slide from PowerPoint 2007 as a picture?

Save a single slide as an image

  1. In the slide thumbnail pane, on the left side of the PowerPoint window, select the slide you want to save.
  2. Click File > Save As (or Save a Copy if your presentation is saved on OneDrive or SharePoint).
  3. Type the name of your slide image in the File name text box.

How many Ribbon in MS PowerPoint 2007?

Ribbon is located on the top of the PowerPoint window just below the Title bar. It is made up of seven tabs; Home, Insert, Design, Animations, Slide Show, Review and View.

What is a PowerPoint Ribbon?

When you open a PowerPoint document, the ribbon appears as a row of labels, or what we call tabs. When you go to a tab, the ribbon for that tab opens and you can see the tools and functions available. When you see a feature with an arrow. , you can click it to get more information or options.

How do you format a PowerPoint slide?

To change the slide size:

  1. Select the Design tab of the toolbar ribbon.
  2. Select Slide Size near the far right end of the toolbar.
  3. Select Standard (4:3 aspect ratio) or Widescreen (16:9) or Custom Slide Size.

How do you insert a format in PowerPoint?

Select Insert > Shapes and in the drop-down select the shape. Select Insert > Icons and in the drop-down select the icon. Select Insert > SmartArt and in the gallery tap the layout for the SmartArt graphic you want. Select Insert > Chart and tap the chart type then double-click the chart you want.