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Where is foodpanda available?

Where is foodpanda available?


Type of business Subsidiary
Type of site Online food ordering
Founded 26 March 2012, Berlin, Germany
Area served Bangladesh Cambodia Germany Hong Kong Hungary Japan Laos Malaysia Myanmar Pakistan Philippines Singapore Slovakia Taiwan Thailand India
CEO Jakob Angele

How much does Foodpanda delivery cost?

Tk 50 to Tk 70
Each delivery on an average costs Tk 50 to Tk 70, meaning delivery channels make at least Tk 10 lakh a day.

How much does a foodpanda rider earn in Bangladesh?

Average Income According to The Financial Express, a full-time rider can make as much as TK 40,000 to TK 60,000 per month, which is around TK 1,700 per day. A part-time rider can make a monthly income between TK 20,000 and TK 30,000 or more, depending on how many rides they complete in a day.

How do I contact foodpanda?

How to Contact foodpanda or Get In Touch? If you wish to contact us regarding any questions or comments you may have, please send an email to [email protected] or connect with us via our inbuilt help centre.

Who is the owner of foodpanda in Bangladesh?

Founder’s Story: Ambareen Reza, Managing Director & Co-founder at foodpanda Bangladesh. In 2014, Ambareen Reza started the foodpanda Bangladesh business with just a handful of team members and an ambitious idea.

Who is owner of foodpanda?

Delivery Herofoodpanda / Parent organization

Does foodpanda have cash on delivery?

How can I pay for my order? All our restaurants accept cash on delivery.

Does foodpanda have minimum order?

Foodpanda, on the other hand, has some vendors that require a minimum order value before the order can be placed and delivered to you. In cases where an applicable order fails to meet the minimum required order value, you have the option to pay the difference or add more items to your order.

What is the salary of Foodpanda delivery boy?

Join Foodpanda rider family and earn monthly Rs 40,000-50,000! Get a sign up bonus of Rs 3,000 and get further Rs 3,000 for referring friends and family members to become a part of Foodpanda riders team.

How can I apply for Foodpanda rider in Bangladesh?

foodpanda rider apply bd You must be 18 years old to work as a Foodpanda Rider. You must also have a smartphone and own a motorcycle or bicycle. Must have an internet connection and must have GPS and know how to use. Must have an email address.

How can I register on Foodpanda?

How to Register on Foodpanda | Complete Guide

  1. Access foodpanda official website.
  2. After accessing it, click on “sign up now”.
  3. Once you have clicked it, a form will appear on your screen.
  4. Fill out all the required details in the form like your business name, city, cuisine type, etc.

Does Foodpanda require phone number?

When you register for a foodpanda account we will ask you to provide your personal information including a valid email address, a mobile phone number and a unique password. To purchase an Order, depending on which payment method you opt for, you may need to provide us with your credit card details.