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Where in Australia was son of a gun filmed?

Where in Australia was son of a gun filmed?

Principal photography took place in late February 2013 in Perth, Kalgoorlie, and Melbourne, Australia.

How can I watch son of a gun?

Watch Son of a Gun Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is the movie Son of a gun a true story?

Avery said the story is inspired by events from his own life. “I grew up hanging out with the bad crew and I kinda grew out of that later on and that sort of inspired my film ‘Jerry Can’ and I guess the themes which I explore in all my films relate to my childhood.” he said.

What is the film Son of a gun about?

JR busts out of prison with Brendan Lynch, Australia’s most notorious criminal, and joins Lynch’s gang for a gold heist that soon pits the two men against one another.

Is Ewan McGregor Australian?

Ewan Gordon McGregor OBE (/ˈjuːən/ YOO-ən; born 31 March 1971) is a Scottish actor.

How do you use son of a gun protectant?

Apply SON OF A GUN! ® Protectant with a clean cloth or sponge (or spray). Spread evenly and allow to penetrate for a few minutes, then remove excess for a beautiful, protective shine. If less shine is desired, lightly buff with a damp cloth.

Why is son of a gun rated R?

Parents need to know that Son of a Gun is an Australian gangster movie filled with strong, bloody violence, including death and lots of blood. Guns are frequently fired, and there are scenes of men beating up women.

Does STP still make Son of a gun?

Yes. Son of a Gun! ® Protectant products are specially designed to protect, clean and shine rubber surfaces.

Can you use son of a gun protectant on leather?

Son of a Gun® Protectant helps restore the lustre and shine of vinyl, leather, rubber, PVC, wood and plastics both on the interior and exterior of your car. Its multipurpose application is suitable for dashboards, tyres, plastic bumpers, side mouldings and even on household goods.