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Where has Trevor Nelson gone?

Where has Trevor Nelson gone?

A single divorced father of two children and cat owner, Nelson lives in London, and is a fan of Chelsea F.C. He also has a home in Saint Lucia.

How old is Greg James Radio 1?

36 years (December 17, 1985)Greg James / Age

How old is Trevor Nelson?

58 years (January 7, 1964)Trevor Nelson / Age

How tall is Greg James Radio 1?

6′ 4″Greg James / Height

What is DJ Spoony real name?

Johnathan Joseph
Johnathan Joseph (DJ Spoony) has been broadcasting since 1994 as the third member of the The Dreem Teem – a trio consisting of DJ Spoony, Mikee B, and Timmi Magic. In January 2000, the Dreem Teem joined Radio 1 and held the Sunday brunch-time slot until 2003.

How tall is Trevor Nelson?

6′ 0″Trevor Nelson / Height

How old is Vicky hope?

32 years (September 25, 1989)Vick Hope / Age

Where is Trevor Nelson from?

Hackney, London, United KingdomTrevor Nelson / Place of birth

Who is Spoony?

Spoony aka The Spoony One aka Noah Antwiler was a content creator who was quite popular during the advent of “angry Internet gaming” that propagated on Youtube around the mid-to-late 2000s.

What age is Jordan North?

32 years (February 14, 1990)Jordan North / Age

Who are the presenters of the Radio 1 drivetime show?

Vick Hope and Jordan North have started as presenters of the Radio 1 Drivetime Show. Their first show aired on 6 September and they will host the programme every Monday to Thursday from 3.30pm to 6pm. They have replaced Nick Grimshaw who had presented on BBC Radio 1 since 2007.

Who are Vick and Jordan from DriveTime?

The Northern presenting duo (Vick hails from Newcastle whilst Jordan’s love of Burnley is well known!) will team up to bring listeners an energetic mix of the best in music, entertainment and guests. Vick Hope says: “What a madness! Drivetime!!!

What’s new on Radio 1 in September?

“September is going to be a new sound for Radio 1; from established great broadcasters to bringing through the next generation of talented DJs we will continue to reflect our young audience across the UK and we’ll have a lot of fun doing it.”