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Where do I send my Rhode Island state tax return?

Where do I send my Rhode Island state tax return?

You have the following options to pay your tax:

  1. Mail in a check. You need to attach Payment Voucher (Form RI-1040V) One Capitol Hill. Electronic Filing. Providence, RI 02908-5806.
  2. Send credit card payment through third-party website.
  3. Send e-payment through state website.

What is a ri W3?

State of Rhode Island Division of Taxation. Form RI-W3 – Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements. INFORMATION FOR EMPLOYERS FILING TRANSMITTAL OF WAGE AND TAX STATEMENTS. 1. The employer’s name and address should be pre-printed on the form.

What is the RI state income tax rate?

Rhode Island has a graduated individual income tax, with rates ranging from 3.75 percent to 5.99 percent. Rhode Island also has a 7.00 percent corporate income tax rate. Rhode Island has a 7.00 percent state sales tax rate and does not levy local sales taxes.

How do I file sales tax in RI?

How to File and Pay Sales Tax in Rhode Island

  1. File online – File online at the Rhode Island Division of Taxation.
  2. File by mail – You can use the Rhode Island Streamlined Sales Tax Return and file and pay through the mail, though you must file and pay online if your tax liability in the previous year was $200 or more.

Where do I mail my 1040 RI?

One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI
Instead, just put them loose in the envelope. Mail your tax return, payment and RI-1040V to the Rhode Island Division of Taxation, One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908- 5807.

When can I file my Rhode Island tax return?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – The Rhode Island Division of Taxation announced today that it will be following the IRS 2022 tax filing start date of January 24 and due date of April 18 for filing Rhode Island personal income tax returns for the 2021 tax year.

Where do I find my w3?

To order official IRS information returns such as Forms W-2 and W-3, which include a scannable Copy A for filing, go to IRS’ Online Ordering for Information Returns and Employer Returns page, or visit and click on Employer and Information returns.

Is Form W-3 required?

Anyone required to file Form W-2 must file Form W-3 to transmit Copy A of Forms W-2. Make a copy of Form W-3; keep it and Copy D (For Employer) of Forms W-2 with your records for 4 years. Be sure to use Form W-3 for the correct year.

Is Rhode Island a high tax state?

Rhode Island Rhode Island is one of several New England states to rank among those with the highest effective tax burden. The high tax burden is driven in part by the state’s 7.0% sales tax — the second highest sales tax rate of among states. Property taxes are also high in Rhode Island.

What are the RI tax brackets 2021?

Rhode Island Tax Brackets for Tax Year 2021

  • Tax Rate:3.75% Income Range:$0 to $66,200. Taxes Due:3.75% of Income.
  • Tax Rate:4.75% Income Range:$66,200 to $150,550. Taxes Due:$2,482.50 + 4.75%
  • Tax Rate:5.99% Income Range:$150,550+ Taxes Due:$6,489.13 + 5.99% over $150,550.

What is subject to sales tax in RI?

Goods that are subject to sales tax in Rhode Island include physical property, like furniture, home appliances, and motor vehicles. The purchase of prescription medicine, groceries, gasoline, and clothing are tax-exempt. Some services in Rhode Island are subject to sales tax.

What is exempt from sales tax in RI?

Common exempt goods include clothing and footwear, food, and medical items. Goods for resale are also exempt from sales tax.