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Where do I mount my ASUS Fan Extension Card?

Where do I mount my ASUS Fan Extension Card?

  2. Screw the two metal L brackets to the Fan Extension Card.
  3. Mount the Fan Extension Card to the ODD bay*, carefully checking that L brackets are aligned with the ODD mounting holes on the chassis.

What is ext fan on Asus motherboard?

The ASUS Fan Extension Card makes it easy to add three additional 12W fans to your setup. It’s ideal for high-performance air or water-cooled PCs — providing maximum cooling for marathon gaming sessions. It even allows for customized control of each individual fan via the UEFI BIOS or Fan Xpert software.

What is Motherboard extension fan?

The ext fan header is for attaching another fan that will be controlled the same as the fan header is that that ext. is an extension of. The ext means extension.

Does ASUS have a fan hub?

Currently the ASUS ROG Strix Helois Case comes with a fan controller hub but it does not connect to the motherboard so there is no way to control it from the software (Xpert3) this is alot better then the controller on the case because it has only a limited of 2 settings (low/high).

What is Fan Extension Card 2?

Fan Extension Card II provides a set of headers allowing to install more fans to cool down devices and to detect overheating. Fan Extension Card II adds six headers that are controllable via Fan Expert 4. These headers allow you to install chassis fans with a 4-pin or 3-pin cable.

What is ASUS Node Connector?

The node connector is a proprietary connector for the ASUS fan extension card (which not only adds additional independently controlled PWM headers, but also additional independent thermal probe headers).

How do you get the fan Xpert 4?

[Motherboard] Fan Xpert 4 – Introduction

  1. Open AI Suite 3.
  2. Click Fan Xpert 4.
  3. Click Fan tuning to apply the suitable setting on all of fans.
  4. Tuning proceeding.
  5. Tuning process is finished when the screen shows Available.
  6. User can choose default mode: Silent/Standard/Turbo/Full speed from the list.

What is PCH fan connector?

The PCH fan is the small fan on the chipset of the board. No its not necessary you enable the fan control for this or for any OPT fans. If you want to be able to control the speeds of them using bios then enable.

What is node header motherboard?

The Node header on new ROG Z390 motherboards lets you monitor and control your PC from other pieces of hardware! Use your. @InWin. case with Livedash functions to display system stats, while your. @PowerNeverEnds.

Is PWM better than DC?

Power Consumption Due to the way PWM fans function, they’re generally more efficient than DC fans and use less power. Consider the duty cycles of PWM fans. When a fan is on a 40% duty cycle, it’s only using electrical power 40% of the time. In comparison, the DC fans, if anything, will use a slightly lower voltage.

Does ASUS have fan control software?

ASUS AI Cooling function will automatically manage and control motherboard-connected fans to ensure optimal settings based on current system load and temperature.