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Where do I find Webex on my computer?

Where do I find Webex on my computer?

Open the Webex Meetings desktop app and sign in. On Windows, select the gear icon in the top right of the Cisco Webex Meetings app. Then in the drop-down list, select Preferences. On Mac, select Cisco Webex Meetings on the app menu.

How do I use Webex on my computer?

How to join a Webex meeting using a web browser

  1. Open the meeting invitation in your email app and click “Join.”
  2. Rather than installing the desktop app, click “Join from your browser.”
  3. On the Webex meeting window, configure the audio and video for the meeting.

How do I download Webex desktop app?

Sign in to your Webex site. Select Downloads > Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App > Download.

Do I need to download Webex to join a meeting?

You do not need a Webex account to join a meeting. If you can’t download the installer, you can still join the meeting using a browser instead. You don’t need to install anything and it launches in your web browser.

How do I open a Webex meeting?

Tap Start to enter the meeting using your audio and video choices. Open the Meetings app on your mobile device and swipe right to Start Meeting . Tap Start next to your meeting in the meeting list. When the Meetings app opens, your video preview lets you see how you’ll look to others before you start the meeting.

How do I use Webex for the first time?

You can use the desktop app to join the next Webex meeting that you’re invited to….

1 Open your email invitation and select the Join Meeting link when it’s time to join the meeting.
2 Enter your name and email address, and then select Join Meeting. The Webex Meetings desktop app installer downloads.

How do I set up Webex?

  1. 1Click Start a Meeting.
  2. 2Choose your audio and video settings before joining your meeting.
  3. 3Click Start Meeting.
  4. 1Click Join next to the meeting when it’s time.
  5. 2Enter the meeting password, if necessary, and click Join.
  6. 3Choose your audio and video settings before joining your meeting.
  7. 4Click Join Meeting.

What is the difference between Webex desktop app and web app?

Use desktop app—Join your meetings from your Meetings desktop app. If the Webex desktop app is not installed already, an automatic download begins. Use web app—Join your meetings from your browser, without any installations or plugins.

Can I download Webex for free?

Sign up for free, it’s quick. Three simple steps to sign-up for your free Webex plan. You’ll get meetings with 100 participants, HD video, screen sharing, and a personal room. Use it for free, as long as you like.

How do I use Webex on Windows 10?

To join a WebEx meeting, enter the WebEx meeting URL in the Chrome address bar and press Enter. The WebEx URL will be added to the IE Tab address bar automatically and you will be prompted to install the WebEx Chrome add-on. Note: Browser experiences are controlled by Google and are subject to change.

How do I join a meeting using Webex meeting number?

Navigate to On the top right corner, click on the Join a meeting button….Enter the meeting, session, or event number into the Enter the meeting information field, then press Enter on the keyboard.

  1. Enter the meeting password.
  2. Enter your name and email address.

How do I join a meeting in Cisco Webex?

  1. Do This.
  2. 1 Make sure that you are on the Meetings page by selecting the Meetings tab.
  3. 3 Enter the meeting number.
  4. 5 Select Join.
  5. 1 Open your web browser and navigate to your WebEx site.
  6. 2 Select the Join by Number link in the top right of the header.
  7. 3 Enter the requested information on the Join by Number page.

How to get WebEx on my laptop?

– Use computer for audio (default) ̶ Use your computer with a headset or speakers. – Call in ̶ If you prefer to use your phone for audio, dial in when the meeting starts. – Don’t connect audio ̶ Use this option when you need to join a meeting and share content, and don’t need audio.

How do I install WebEx?

The first page you will see is like the below.

  • You will be presented with a small panel that will slide down for the browser’s address bar.
  • You will again be presented with a small panel that will slide down for the browser’s address bar.
  • How to install WebEx on laptop?

    – Browse to your Webex web site. (Example: – From the bottom left, click the Webex Support tab. – Click on Support in the left navigation bar. – Click on the Downloads link.

    How do you download WebEx?

    How do I download WebEx? Steps Go to your WebEx page in a web browser. Click My Files. Click the My Recordings tab. Click the down-arrow next to the meeting you want to download. Click Download.