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Where do Ajax fans sit?

Where do Ajax fans sit?

The Ajax board decided to spread the members of the F-side in the stadium. The F-side made an agreement with the Ajax board to give the F-side a stand in the south side of the stadium (old and new generations on the same stand).

How long is the Ajax stadium tour?

Experience a 75-minute guided tour of the Amsterdam Johan Cruijff ArenA, home of AFC Ajax, and the location for concerts from One Direction, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and more.

How big is Ajax stadium?

The stadium has a 68,000 people capacity during concerts if a center-stage setup is used (the stage in the middle of the pitch); for end-stage concerts, the capacity is 50,000, and for concerts for which the stage is located in the east side of the stadium, the capacity is 35,000.

Who owns the Johan Cruyff ArenA?

Government of Amsterdam
Stadion Amsterdam N.V.
Johan Cruijff ArenA/Owners

Is Ajax right wing?

Ajax’s main firm is the F-Side, founded in 1976 and named after the section where their hardcore used to stand at Stadion de Meer, their home between 1934 and 1996, where Johan Cruyff’s mother washed the shirts.

What does Ajax mean in Dutch?

Translation Matrix for AJAX:

Noun Related Translations
AJAX AJAX; Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
Asynchronous JavaScript And XML AJAX; Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

Is it easy to get Ajax tickets?

Games against some teams are deemed “risk matches”, as there have been incidents between supporters of Ajax and these teams. This means that sales are restricted towards club card holders, and as a result, it will prove very difficult to obtain tickets for these games if you’re a tourist.

Can you buy Ajax tickets on the day?

Ajax Tickets Tickets for Ajax games can be bought online. If tickets remain available, these can usually also be bought at the ticket windows of the Johan Cruijff ArenA on the day of the match, though recently Ajax have been selling out well in advance.

How many people fit in the Ajax stadium?

55,500Johan Cruijff ArenA / Capacity

Is Ajax fan owned?

Historically, Ajax (named after the legendary Greek hero) is the most successful club in the Netherlands, with 36 Eredivisie titles and 20 KNVB Cups….AFC Ajax.

Full name Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax
Capacity 55,500
Owner AFC Ajax N.V.
Chairman Frank Eijken
Head coach Alfred Schreuder

How much do Ajax tickets cost?

Normal ticket prices for Ajax matches are around 25 euros if that gives you benchmark.