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Where did the name Buckatunna come from?

Where did the name Buckatunna come from?

Buckatunna came about in the early 1800’s a mile or two south of it’s current location. As it came to life, it took on the name of the creek that went through it, Buckatunna Creek. It’s an old Choctaw word meaning a creek where there is weaving.

What county is Buckatunna MS in?

Wayne CountyBuckatunna / CountyWayne County is a county located in the U.S. state of Mississippi. As of the 2010 census, the population was 20,747. Its county seat is Waynesboro. The county is named for General Anthony Wayne. Wikipedia

Who was Wayne County Mississippi named after?

general Anthony Wayne
One of Mississippi’s first counties, Wayne County was founded in 1809 and was named for US Army general Anthony Wayne. It is located along the Alabama border in southeastern Mississippi.

What is Buckatunna MS zip?

39322Buckatunna / Zip code

What cities are in Wayne County Mississippi?

Wayne County/Cities

Who was Waynesboro MS named after?

Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne
The city of Waynesboro was named after Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne, who was born in Wayneborough and served as a General in the United States Army….Population.

Category Count/Percent
Total Population 4,910
Male Share of the Population 48.8%
Female Share of the Population 51.2%
Senior Citizens 12.8%

What city is in Wayne County Mississippi?

What is there to do in Waynesboro Mississippi?

Essential Waynesboro

  • Landrum’s Homestead & Village. Historic Sites.
  • 2021. Lauren Rogers Museum of Art.
  • Agape Church. Religious Sites.
  • Laurel Little Theatre. Theaters.
  • Peddlers Junktion. Antique Shops.
  • Clarkco State Park. State Parks.
  • Veterans Memorial Museum. History Museums, Military Museums.
  • Anderson-Deason Country Store.

How big is Waynesboro Mississippi?

12.7 mi²Waynesboro / Area

What is the zip code for Waynesboro Mississippi?

39367Waynesboro / Zip code

Is Waynesboro MS a good place to live?

“Waynesboro is by far the worst place to live in the state of Mississippi,” according to the rankings. ‘When you have the lowest household income in the state, high crime and nearly 1 in 10 people are without jobs, it’s certainly not a desirable location to make home.

What county is Waynesboro MS?

Wayne CountyWaynesboro / County