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Where did Cory Wharton come from?

Where did Cory Wharton come from?

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cory Wharton Cory is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but now works as a personal trainer in Santa Monica, California.

Are Thomas and Jamie from the real world together?

After Real World Jamie still models and bartends, and she continued her relationship with Thomas. However, their relationship ended between the airing of the show and when Thomas left for The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II.

Where is Jay Mitchell now?

After Real World Jay went back home to New York where he spends time with his father in the wake of his mother’s death. He is now focused on his watch line where he donates half of the proceeds to cancer research.

Where was Real World: Ex-Plosion filmed?

San Francisco
Ex-Plosion was filmed in San Francisco, marking the second time the city has hosted the show since 1993’s The Real World: San Francisco. It is also the sixth season to be filmed in California, following 2011’s The Real World: San Diego.

What nationality is Taylor Selfridge?

AmericanTaylor Selfridge / Nationality

Is Cory from The Challenge from Michigan?

Biodata:- The Instagram Viral star Cory Wharton was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the United States on March 5, 1991.

Are Zach and Ashley still together from real world?

After Real World Ashley returned to Connecticut and remained in a long-distance relationship with Zach. The two broke up before appearing on The Challenge. In 2016, she appeared on The Runner with Playboy model Heather Rae Young.

Where is jemmye from real world from?

Starkville, Mississippi
Jemmye Carroll

Born August 5, 1988
Hometown Starkville, Mississippi
Show History
Season The Real World: New Orleans (2010)

Where is Jay Mitchell from?

Mobile, Alabama
Jay Mitchell (judge)

Jay Mitchell
Born James Letcher Mitchell August 26, 1976 Mobile, Alabama
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Elizabeth
Residence(s) Homewood, Alabama

Where is Jay from The Challenge from?

According to his Survivor bio, Jay was born Justin Starrett in Florida and is 30 years old. He grew up Fort Lauderdale, where he attended Florida Atlantic University and before making his reality TV debut on Survivor, Jay worked as a real estate agent.

How did Cory and Cheyenne meet?

In 2018, Cheyenne Floyd and her baby daddy, Cory Wharton, joined the cast of Teen Mom OG. The two initially met back in 2016 on MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals III. They became romantic with one another as sparks flew during their time.

How did Cory Wharton get famous?

Cory Wharton left Michigan for Los Angeles after school and began working as a fitness coach. He also made his debut as a reality star in 2014 in the MTV reality TV show, The Real World.