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Where can I find the J. Cole documentary?

Where can I find the J. Cole documentary?

Cole’s Applying Pressure: The Off-Season streaming? Finding this documentary is as easy as watching a music video. The entire 12-minute-long documentary is available to stream for free on YouTube.

Is J. Cole documentary on Netflix?

Cole Added To Big Daddy Kane Netflix Doc Featuring Eminem, JAY-Z, KRS-One + More. Juice Crew legend Big Daddy Kane is finalizing a forthcoming Netflix documentary called Paragraphs I Manifest.

Does J. Cole have a documentary?

J. Cole has released the new documentary. Applying Pressure: The Off-Season Documentary. The Scott Lazer–directed film offers a peek behind the scenes of Cole’s upcoming album The Off-Season.

Where can you watch the off-season documentary?

Release. On May 9, 2021, Cole released the official trailer for the documentary titled, Applying Pressure: The Off-Season, on social media. The documentary was released on May 10, distributed on Dreamville’s YouTube channel.

Is the fall off The Off-Season?

Based on the notes Cole shared on Instagram, The Off-Season is part of a trilogy with a project called It’s a Boy and The Fall Off.

Where can I listen to J. Cole off season?

But he also engages with the history of the genre more entirely. Listen to J. Cole’s The Off-Season on Apple Music or Spotify.

Where can I listen to J. Cole off-season?

Is The Off-Season explicit?

The Off-Season [Explicit] by J. Cole on Amazon Music –

Is The Fall Off The Off-Season?

Is The Fall Off J. Cole’s last album?

J. Cole released his long-awaited studio album The Off-Season in May this year, and back then, he said it was the beginning of the end. There are songs that J. Cole has been hoarding for years, including “Middle Child,” which he said was written for his final album, The Fall Off, release date to be advised.

Is The Off-Season explicit on Spotify?

Cole’s “The Off-Season” tracks posted massive opening day numbers on Spotify. — Tracks from the album claim the entire Top 13 on the US Spotify chart for Friday, May 14. The album actually only includes twelve tracks, but the explicit and clean versions of “9 5 .