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Where can I find Grelka in Skyrim?

Where can I find Grelka in Skyrim?

Grelka is a Nord who lives in Riften. She trains Light Armor at the Expert-level and serves as a merchant of armor and weapons. During the day, she sells her wares at a booth in the center of town. She sleeps at Haelga’s Bunkhouse.

Is Grelka Marriable Skyrim?

According to the German Skyrim wiki, Grelka is eligible for marriage after the player invests in her store.

How do you get Grelka as a follower?

Unfortunately, you can’t hire Grelka as a follower, but you can buy weapons and armour off her as well as getting Light Armor training up to level 75. If you’re playing on a PC you can also marry her through a console command.

Where is Madesi Skyrim?

Madesi is an Argonian merchant in Riften that sells jewelry. You’ll first encounter him in the central marketplace, but soon after Brynjolf of the Thieves’ Guild will ask you to steal an item from Madesi’s strongbox and plant it on Brand-Shei.

Can you marry Temba?

Temba can be married after selling her some firewood or upon completion of Grin and Bear It. She is a potential hostage in a rescue mission given by Florentius Baenius.

Can you marry sapphire from the Thieves Guild?

After the quest is completed, Sylgja can be married and will also reward the player with a random necklace.

What happens if you tell sibbi about Svidi?

Svidi turned Sibbi into the authorities and went into hiding. You can tell him about Svidi’s location and get a key to his chest at the Black-Briar Meadery, or just pickpocket it from him. Either way, Sibbi stays in jail, and you can get access to his treasure with or without helping him.

Can you save Medresi?

Although it is possible to save her from being impaled by the trap, she will still die afterwards. This can be done by using the Ice Form shout and healing her with Restoration magic immediately before the trap is triggered.

Is it possible to marry Carlotta?

She’s not on the list of potential spouses at, so that means no, it is not possible to marry her.

Where can I find Grelka Skyrim?

Skyrim:Grelka. Grelka is a Nord merchant who resides in Riften. She is the owner of one of the stalls in the center of town and will sell you weapons, apparel and various other miscellaneous items. She has a starting amount of 750 gold to barter with. She also offers expert training in Light Armor.

What does Grelka do when you steal from her?

Grelka serves as an Expert-level trainer in Light Armor. Any Grelka earns from training sessions enters her spending limit reserve for her stall. Thus, after training with her, she can then buy more goods with that money. Stealing from Grelka may prompt her to send hired thugs after the thief.

How is Grelka prejudiced against Argonians?

Grelka is prejudiced against Argonians, as is evident in her treatment of Madesi. In the evenings, before he goes to sleep in Beggar’s Row, Madesi goes to the Bunkhouse, where he is often harassed by Grelka; she calls him “green-skin” and mocks his inability to shut his mouth when he chews, due to his skull structure.

Is Grelka Solaf’s sister?

According to the Official Game Guide, she is the sister of Solaf and Bolund in Falkreath. Grelka currently lives in Haelga’s Bunkhouse. She starts off her day by waking up at 7am and has breakfast at the Bee and Barb for an hour.