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Where are Wayuu bags from?

Where are Wayuu bags from?

La Guajira, Colombia
Mochila Bags brings you only the finest 100% hand made authentic Wayuu Bags made by the indigenous women of the Wayuu Tribe from La Guajira, Colombia. Each Wayuu Bag is a unique piece of art on its own. It takes about one month for to be knitted.

What are Wayuu bags made of?

Today all Wayuu bags are made of acrylic from large thread manufacturers that provide thread in a wide range of colors. Traditionally, wealthier Wayuus used wool for their dresses and sashes. Cotton and cucuiza (thin rope made from natural fibers were also commonly used).

How long does it take to make a Wayuu bag?

On average, double threaded Wayuu bag takes about five hours to make, while single-threaded bags take 10 hours in total.

How Wayuu bags are made?

The “Mochila Wayuu” is their most known traditional craft; however, using the same weaving technique they create much more products including coin purse, clutches into other.To create each unique design Wayuu women use a specific technique of placing a single cotton thread in a manual loom.

What is La Mochila Wayuu?

Traditional mochilas can be described as medium-size bucket bags that can be woven/knitted single-threaded or double-threaded, and the strap is later attached. Wayúu women travel around the Guajira region tourist area to sell their bags in order to bring money and food for their families.

What is the best yarn for Wayuu bags?

Use cotton-based yarns for maximum tightness and pretty much long term usage of the bag. Do not over exaggerate your hook movement. Be exact and you will find you don’t need to pull up on loose strands as much.

What are Wayuu bags used for?

There is a variety of mochila types, each designated for a particular use or user. The most common type is the Susu which translates to “everyday wear,” it is used to carry personal items, tools for work, and in the case of women thread to work on their textiles.

What is mochila made of?

Arhuaco mochilas are usually made of cotton, wool, or threads from the fique plant. They display earthy colors on either white or black backgrounds.

What is Mochila Wayuu Colombia?

What does Mochila Wayuu mean in English?

Wayuu Mochilas are the highest exponent of wayuu weaving. They are easily recognisable by their colors and designs. Mochilas are woven in crochet, or with a weaving hook. Manufactuing process can take up to 20 days.

What is Wayuu Mocha bags? was born out of a dream of having our own sustainable business. It all started with six Wayuu bags we bought in Bogota, Colombia that then caused a commotion in our eBay store. After the posts went live, we sold all the Wayuu mochilas within the first hour!

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Who are Wayuu women?

Wayuu women are hardworking entrepreneurs who sustain their families through the making of artisan products like Wayuu Mochila Bags. Every dollar you spend benefits Wayuu communities throughout the Colombian region. Read more… How are Wayuu bags made?

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