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Where are the members from SOJA from?

Where are the members from SOJA from?

Meet the reggae band with global cred made up of white guys from Arlington. Although the Grammy-nominated band SOJA specializes in reggae, a sound born in the Caribbean, the only island its members grew up anywhere near was the District’s Roosevelt Island.

Is anyone in SOJA Jamaican?

In high school, they met Ryan Berty (drums), Kenneth Brownell (percussion), and Patrick O’Shea (keyboards) and formed SOJA. The other current members of the band are Hellman Escorcia (saxophone), Rafael Rodriguez (trumpet), and Trevor Young (lead guitar).

What nationality is SOJA?

Polish: nickname for someone with a raucous voice or who liked to dress brightly, from soja ‘jay’.

How old is the lead singer of SOJA?

Don’t let lead singer Jacob Hemphill’s laid-back demeanor fool you. He’s got ambitious goals, not just for the seven-member reggae band Soja, but for the world. “The point of the band is to unite the human race into one country,” the 32-year-old says. “Not easy, but that’s the idea.”

What does SOJA stand for?

What does SOJA stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
SOJA Soldiers of Jah Army (band)

Where is rebelution from?

Isla Vista, CA
Founded in Isla Vista, CA, Rebelution has followed their instincts to remarkable success since the release of their breakout 2007 debut, Courage To Grow.

Is SOJA religious?

Yes, we are inspired by the works Rastafari. We want people not to view it as a religion, but a concept, a livity, a way to live your life.

How old is Jacob from SOJA?

42 years (May 15, 1980)Jacob Hemphill / Age

Who is the lead singer of SOJA?

A native of Washington D.C., JACOB HEMPHILL is a lead singer and guitarist for SOJA, a band at the forefront of the modern reggae movement.

Where is Wesley Finley from?

Williams, and Wesley Finley….Rebelution (band)

Origin Isla Vista, California, United States
Genres Reggae rock, roots reggae, dub
Years active 2004–present

What nationality is Eric from Rebelution?

ERIC: We all come from different backgrounds. My dad was born in Iran and my mom was born in New York, but comes from a Persian family. We’re all from different backgrounds and different parts of California: reggae is our foundation, but we incorporate all kinds of music.

Where is Rebelution from?