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Where are oil derricks in Klondike?

Where are oil derricks in Klondike?

Oil in Klondike can be found in Oilfield (a location that is available for 28 days once you make your first trip there), Southern Reach & Wallmond. You can extract oil via Oil Derricks that you can build on said locations.

How do you use dynamite in Klondike?

You simply click on the dynamite icon down by the gold arrow, then notice that as you move the cursor around, various items become outlined in orange. Those are the items that will be affected by the dynamite blast. When you get to the place you want it to hit, click on a clear spot on the ground.

How many levels are in Klondike adventures?

Klondike Adventures expeditions The Klondike expeditions are divided into 13 chapters, each with six locations. Once you’ve completed a location, it will be available for the next 24 hours and then it shuts down. Each of the expeditions features a unique atmosphere and it’s quite immersive.

Why do my animals disappear in Klondike?

Animals in our game are very devoted to their master, so they never run away. You might have noticed the golden statues on the location. Once fed for a certain number of times, animals turn into golden statues with prizes.

How do you level up fast in Klondike?

The fastest way is to exchange collections such as Hunting Set that provide +400 XP. However it is easier to find and collect Bear or Wolf Sets, they give less XP, but they are much easier to find. Our favorite method is to grow swans and collect experience not only from their nests but also from the golden statues.

How do you get golden statues of animals in Klondike?

Once fed for a certain number of times, animals turn into golden statues with prizes. For example, a chicken eats 16 times and a cow eats 24 times. Then you need to buy new animals. Animals that you purchased for emeralds turn into golden statues full of prizes as well.

How do you get free energy on Klondike?

1.) Get Free Energy Points

  1. On any place; home or other locations, look for the boxes.
  2. You can generate energy in Klondike Adventures using the furnace and by playing the mini-game.
  3. You can trade with the trader, complete all the trades to get bonus rewards; EXP, Energy points.

What is the max energy in Klondike?

As soon as you reach 60 energy points, the automatic refill stops working. If you want to add more energy to the energy bar, make it in the Cauldron or in other special buildings. There’s no limit to how many energy points you can add to the energy bar.

Can you play Klondike without spending money?

There is a way around it in Klondike Adventures, though. If you use your time wisely, you will be able to play a lot without spending too much energy. The key is to consistently work on your tasks.

Why do animals disappear in Klondike?