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Where are Bessey C clamps made?

Where are Bessey C clamps made?

Designed for heavy industrial and construction applications. The 100 series of drop-forged “C” clamps are made in the USA & have been carefully engineered for greater strength than the CDF series are ideal for heavy industrial & construction applications.

Where are Bessey Tools made?

The headquarters of the BESSEY Group is located near Stuttgart, in south west Germany. Since 1983, most administrative and production functions have been consolidated on a 50,000 square metre site in Bietigheim-Bissingen.

What is the downside to using long pipe clamps?

Pipe clamps are economical One disadvantage of a pipe clamp is the tendency of the jaws to spring out of parallel slightly as pressure is applied, which can pull furniture out of square and create a bow in glued panels.

Where are Ehoma clamps made?

Ehoma is based in Taiwan and is gaining an enviable reputation for the design and quality of their range of woodworking clamps.

Who owns Bessey?

After eleven years, the BESSEY Group is once again owner-managed – Klaus Fuchs becomes Managing Partner.

Are Bessey clamps made in Germany?

KG, handling clamping and cutting technology, and BESSEY Präzisionsstahl GmbH, a leading German supplier of high-quality bright and stainless steels. This unique positioning of BESSEY as a producer of tools and precision steels ensures significant advantages in terms of quality.

Is Bessey a German company?

In 2004 BESSEY & Sohn was spun into BESSEY Tool, handling the clamping and cutting technology areas, and BESSEY Präzisionsstahl, a leading German producer-independent and industry-independent supplier of high-quality bright and stainless steels.

How long should my pipe clamps be?

Three-foot lengths will be the most useful, but a few at 4′ will be needed eventually.

Are pipe clamps as good as bar clamps?

Aluminum Bar Clamps are lightweight making them easy to handle and provides a wide stable base. Pipe Clamps are an economical option that you can modify to reach different lengths. These clamps are typically sold as a set of jaws and then you purchase whatever length of pipe you need to thread to the jaws.

Where are semble clamps made?

Semble clamps are manufactured in Taiwan by a company specializing in clamps for all types of industries.

What are parallel clamps?

Parallel Clamps. Also similar to the f-clamp, the parallel clamps allow for large opening capacities. Ideal for woodworking, the clamp jaws remain parallel under increased loads to give a large distribution area and prevent leaving dimples in the wood.

Where are Jorgensen clamps made?

The Chicago based Pony Tools Inc. which was established in 1903 is the manufacturer of all Jorgensen Bar Clamps. The JORGENSEN Style 3700-HD Heavy Duty Steel Bar Clamps are made with U.S. and foreign parts in our Chicago factory.