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Where are Andertons based?

Where are Andertons based?

Guildford, Surrey, England
(officially L. Anderton (UK) Ltd) is a musical instrument retailer based in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Does Rob Chapman own Andertons?

Chapman is known for his popular instructional YouTube channel and as demonstrator of guitar equipment for Andertons Music Co….Rob Chapman (guitarist)

Rob Chapman
Occupation Musician, youtuber, entrepreneur
Musical career
Genres Progressive metal, heavy metal, hard rock, blues rock
Instruments Guitar, vocals

Does Lee own Andertons?

Founded in 1964 by current Managing Director Lee Anderton’s Father and Grandfather, Andertons Music Co. has remained a family business for over half a century.

Who owns Andertons music?

Who is Pete Honore?

Profile: Guitarist, song writer & producer from London, UK.

Did Rob leave Andertons?

It’s been a big year of change for Andertons overall. While he had been a mainstay of the channel, Rob Chapman made the move in 2020 to Malta, and as such has not been seen on the wildly popular Andertons YouTube channel in quite some time.

Did chappers leave Andertons?

Is it OK to buy guitar online?

Buying a Guitar online is perfectly alright if its from a trusted music store. A music store generally has walk in customers and in house guitar technicians who repairs and services guitars. This gives you the assurance that your guitar will be checked and setup before dispatch.

Where is Pete Honore from?

Does Pete Honore work at Andertons?

As the video team manager at Andertons since 2015, Pete has played through literally hundreds of pedals over the years.

What is the biggest music shop in the UK?

PMT Birmingham
PMT Birmingham is the UK’s largest music store, with over 10,000 sq ft of retail space filled to the rafters with guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, pianos, PA and DJ and recording equipment.