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When was MSC Fantasia refurbished?

When was MSC Fantasia refurbished?

MSC Cruises MSC Fantasia

MSC Fantasia
Year Built 2008
Year Last Refurbished 2019
Capacity 4,363 passengers
Decks 14

What is the Fantastica package on MSC?

What is the MSC Fantastica experience? The Fantastica experience is an upgrade to MSC Cruises’ standard package. For an extra cost, you’ll enjoy a range of perks such as a cabin in a better location, the first choice of dinner sittings and more flexible booking terms.

How many decks does MSC Fantasia have?

17 decks
The boat has 17 decks (14 passenger-accessible, 9 with cabins), 6 dining options (restaurants and food bars), 28 lounges and bars, 5 swimming pools (1 sliding roof-covered pool “I Tropici”), 12 Jacuzzis (outdoor whirlpool hot tubs), 24 elevators. MSC Fantasia decks are named with Italian adjectives and superlatives.

Does MSC Fantasia have Yacht Club?

MSC Fantasia is the first cruise ship to boast an exclusive area: privileged passengers can sojourn in the MSC Yacht Club with 99 suites, a bar, solarium, 2 hydro-massage pools, 1 sky dome swimming pool, concierge and glass-walled Observation Lounge where guests can enjoy amazing ocean views.

Is it worth getting a balcony on a cruise?

If you’re sailing in the Mediterranean or to another scenic destination, the view is definitely worth the money, Driscoll says. “If you’re doing an Alaska cruise, it’s so nice out on the balcony, watching the glaciers,” he says. “You see all the people on their balconies watching the beauty go by.”

Is MSC a luxury cruise line?

The epitome of elegance and luxury at sea, the MSC Yacht Club offers a cruise experience like no other. Access to the wide range of facilities and onboard activities that the whole ship can offer: Bars and lounges, speciality restaurants, pools, etc.

What is the difference between Bella and Fantastica?

MSC offer different experience levels. Bella is cruise and dining room/buffet food only. Fantastica upwards includes breakfast room service included. ‘Bella’ fares are the great-value way to enjoy the comforts of life on board an elegant, modern cruise ship.

What are the different levels on MSC Cruises?

There are four membership levels to progress through: Classic, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Each time you cruise with us, you will earn points and as your points grow, so do your privileges and status. Don’t forget to provide your membership number at the time of booking to ensure you receive your benefits!

Are drinks free on MSC Cruises?

On MSC Cruises, tea and coffee is available free of charge but only at the buffet area. You can get all kinds of teas and coffees such as cappuccino and espresso for free with a drinks package.

Is water free on MSC Cruises?

MSC Cruises has taken this so seriously that they will now be offering a complimentary package of tea, water, and filtered coffee to all guests who book a new cruise!

Is the Yacht Club worth it?

For many cruisers, yes, upgrading to an MSC Yacht Club cruise is going to be worth it. The complimentary dining and drinks will save you tons of cash. The butler and concierge service will save you tons of time. And then the access to your private pools, deck, lounge and more make for a more relaxing cruise experience.

How many cabin categories are there on MSC Fantasia?

The number of cabin categories is 16 (including SBG-Guaranteed Balcony). Follows the review of MSC Fantasia staterooms as amenities, furniture and included (complimentary) services:

Is MSC Fantasia eco-friendly?

Please try again later. MSC Fantasia is stylish and eco-friendly, balancing warmth and comfort with cutting-edge design.

What is the capacity of the family cabin on the Fantasia?

Fantasia ship’s family cabins are in category SUPER-FAMILY (max occupancy 6 passengers, 2 connecting rooms, 2 baths/1 bathtub, 2 balconies).

What are the amenities of the MSC Fantastica cruise?

“Fantastica” accommodations as amenities also include 24-hour room service, 50% MSC cruise discount on fitness classes, special kids activities, free in-room dining (breakfast), priority dinner sitting.