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When should you not use a block quote?

When should you not use a block quote?

The dos and don’ts of block quotes: A primer

  • DON’T use a block quote for a quote you obtained firsthand.
  • DON’T use a block quote for any quoted segment that is both less than three full lines of text in the editing interface and fewer than five sentences.
  • DON’T use quotation marks to open and close a block quote.

Should you avoid block quotes?

Effective legal writers avoid block quotations and quote supporting authorities sparingly. They do not create their briefs by stringing together a list of long quotes.

Are block quotes necessary?

While block quotations are perfectly acceptable, it’s important for writers to be selective about their use. In some cases, block quotations are unnecessarily long and include more content than is needed to make or support a point. There is no single rule of thumb for formatting block quotations.

What are the rules for block quotations?


  • Block quotations start on their own line.
  • The entire block quotation is indented 0.5 inches, the same as the indentation for a new paragraph, and is double spaced.
  • Block quotations are not surrounded by any quotation marks.
  • The punctuation at the end of the block quotation goes before the citation.

When should you use block quotes in MLA?

In MLA style, if you quote more than four lines from a source, use MLA block quote formatting. If you are quoting poetry, use block quote formatting for any quote longer than three lines.

How many block quotes is too many MLA?

How many block quotes can I unsuspiciously fit into one research paper? quote a poem, it takes up a bunch of room. depending on paper length, the ration should could be 1 block quote per page, if over 5 pages. MLA says two, but you know…

How can we avoid overusing quotations?

Here is what you can do:

  1. Read a particular source;
  2. Write down the key ideas in your own words right after you finish reading;
  3. Re-read the information;
  4. Take your time to process the obtained data, evaluate it, and reflect the most important ideas in the form of short remarks.

Why should you avoid long quotations?

Notes on Fairness: You should not abbreviate quotations so they misrepresent their author’s original meaning. For example, if you cited the quotation above as a fact rather than a legend about Nero, you’d be misrepresenting the original author’s intention. Check the context!

Do you use block quotes in MLA?

MLA style (8th edition) requires block quote formatting for:

  1. Quotes of poetry longer than three lines.
  2. Quotes of prose longer than four lines.

Can you use too many block quotes?

There are no official limits to quotation length, though any quotations that are more than four lines should be formatted as a separate block quote. However, it is generally better to paraphrase the sources you cite rather than use direct quotations.

How do you do a block quote in MLA?

An MLA block quote is set on a new line, indented 0.5 inches, with no quotation marks….To format a block quote in MLA:

  1. Introduce the quote with a colon and set it on a new line.
  2. Indent the whole quote 0.5 inches from the left margin.
  3. Place the MLA in-text citation after the period at the end of the block quote.

How long does a quotation need to be before it should be indented without quotation marks?

In MLA format, a quotation of more than four full lines of prose or three lines of verse should be indented ½ inch from the left margin and double-spaced like the rest of the paper. In APA format, a quotation of more than forty words should also be indented half an inch from the left margin.