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When did Ricoh acquire mindSHIFT?

When did Ricoh acquire mindSHIFT?

Tokyo, January 22, 2014 — Ricoh today announced that the company has reached an agreement to buy mindSHIFT Technologies Inc., a leading provider of managed IT, cloud, data center and professional services to small and mid-sized organizations, from Best Buy Co., Inc.

Who bought mindSHIFT?

Ricoh has acquired mindSHIFT from Best Buy for an undisclosed amount, expanding the company’s managed service portfolio.

Is MindShift a good app?

In the day of long waitlists, recommending this app can help bridge the gaps between problem onset, assessment and treatment for your clients with mild to moderate anxiety problems. Clinicians can also use MindShift CBT to complement psychotherapy.

What is MindShift app?

MindShift CBT is a free self-help anxiety relief app, that helps you reduce worry, stress, and panic by following evidence-based strategies. Using CBT tools, you can challenge negativity, learn more about anxiety, develop more effective ways of thinking, be mindful, and relax.

Does MindShift app cost money?

What does MindShift mean?

A mind shift is a change of focus and perception. It can have extraordinary power to make relationships more positive and healthy; to improve your focus and rate of success; and to build self-esteem and overall happiness.

How much does MindShift app cost?

MindShift CBT is completely free, so give it a try and explore the features for yourself! MindShift CBT is packed with loads of evidence-based and trusted features to help you with anxiety management.

Is MindShift app good?

It is easy to use and provides insights that will be useful to people in real life situations. I liked the “Quick Tips” section that appears on every page of the app and provides instant strategies for managing anxiety. Also very useful are the mindfulness and breathing audio talk through exercises.

Is MindShift app for kids?

‘MindShift’ is a free app which supports teenagers and young adults to cope with anxiety by helping the user to learn how to relax, develop more helpful ways of thinking and identify active steps that will help them to take charge of their anxiety.

How can I shift my mind?

12 Ways to Shift Your Mindset and Embrace Change

  1. Learn to meditate.
  2. Make personal development a priority for yourself.
  3. Retrain your brain by noticing 3 positive changes per day.
  4. Write your post-mortem.
  5. Focus on your long-term vision.
  6. Imagine the inevitable.
  7. Do the dirty work yourself.

Is MindShift free?